Ansavv Sofa series could add panache to home interiors

Ansavv has just launched a brand-new range of sofa sets. One of the most important components of a home, a sofa set is not just a utility item – but is a reflection of the home owner’s personal style. It also adds panache to the living room. The sofa must be chosen with thought and care, to reflect the right aesthetic sensibility.

Perfect for relaxing at the end of a challenging day, or for lounging in the middle of the day, these sofas are characterised by a distinctive side table at the edge. It is also ideal for book lovers who can read for hours with their arms supported on them and a drink placed conveniently on the table.

The Turkish Suede Sofa series is more durable and easy to clean and maintain, so easy that wiping it down with water is generally sufficient. Among the new collection, you will find…

Anemon Mini Corner Sofa – perfect contemporary sofa seating for not very large spaces with a chaise at one end, in Turkish craftsmanship made of solid wood and blended fabric and the convenience of converting it into a single bed, making it the perfect casual seating option.

Cemre 2 Sofa Series – simplistic and modern sofa set in a combination of neutral and bright colours made of solid wood base and Turkish fabric, is the ideal solution for those who want to keep things simple yet stylish.

Cemre 3 Sofa Series – neo-contemporary sofa set series in royal Turkish suede with exemplary Turkish craftsmanship and immaculate side quilting in a solid wood base in a white Duco finish, in a mix of classic and modern design, thus making it stand apart from the usual.

Cemre 4 Sofa Series – for those looking for sheer luxury and opulence, here is the ideal way to do so. This exquisite sofa set in Turkish suede and royalty is re-defined with side quiltings all in suede with the added benefit of converting it into a lounger, thereby making this royal formal seating not only exceptional in terms of looks, grace and beauty – but also making it immensely functional.

Reflex Corner Sofa Set – perfect urban modern day living setup exemplified with this enormously sized corner sofa set with chaise longue in a classic mix of Turkish suede and fabric with detailing on the sides – a good example of bespoke craftsmanship and design.

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The series will be launched on July 16 on