Antica Ceramica launches neutral-coloured tiles for modern Indian homes

designing an interior space, the surfaces of a room are generally left neutral
as they work like a blank canvas and the rest of the elements can be put
together artistically to complete the picture. Be it the floor or the walls, decorating
a space with neutral colours like black, brown, white, grey or beige offers
numerous ways to add style and personality to living spaces. The colour brown
or even beige, which is among the neutral shades, is extensively predominant in
nature and signifies grounding, earthiness and stability – hence brown is the
best neutral colour for the floor in modern homes. 

Keeping this in mind, Antica Ceramica – a premium store for tiles and
sanitary ware – has launched its exquisite collection of neutral brown-coloured
tiles to add visual interest and a contemporary designer solution for the
luxurious flooring needs in a living spaces.

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The array of neutral brown- coloured tiles by Antica Ceramica comprises
wood look and granite look tiles that are artistically designed by skilled
craftsmen. These elegant customised tiles hold sophisticated textures and
patterns to lift up living spaces with a relaxed yet vibrant look. These tiles
by Antica Ceramica come
with an excellent finishing touch and safety glazed porcelain coating, which renders
them non-slippery and scratch resistant. To infuse harmony in the living room,
guest room, bedroom or lobby area, this array of neutral brown-colourd tiles can artfully create a space
that is modern, stylish and distinctive.

 According to Rahul Bhugra, director- Antica
Ceramica, “This array of neutral brown-coloured tiles is best to
introduce textural richness to a living space while wonderfully emitting a
modern living zone and finer lifestyle.” These tiles are a cost-effective investment
to add a graceful look to interior spaces for a number of years, he maintained.
These neutral tiles also provide the added benefit of making small spaces look
bigger and brighter. The tiles in this particular neutral shade by Antica Ceramica can
aptly be matched with the décor and furniture of almost any room in the house,
he further added.



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