Czech lighting company Sans Souci brings brilliance of Flacons to India

Sans Souci, a Czech designer and producer of decorative lighting fixtures, glass objects and architectural features, has launched Flacons in India. The lighting fixture combines the transparency and brilliance of glass and crystal with the luminosity of light, adding up to a thing of beauty that is a joy forever.

With Flacons, Sans Souci fuses its age-old knowledge of glass with inspired design to achieve a product that is unique. Designed by Katerina Lenikusova, Flacons is an imitation of luxurious perfume bottles – exquisite, delicate, and displaying the most sensuous shape.

The company is known for undertaking grand projects that focus on light objects, exclusive light fixtures and luxury interior decoration features. Its speciality is original architectural features, such as railings, stairways, tables, skylights, columns, etc. What characterises them is a high proportion of manufacture with emphasis on precision and detail. The production takes place in North Bohemia, a world-renowned glass-making region associated with the most significant phases of the development of glass-making in the Czech Republic as well as in the whole of Europe.

Sans Souci has mastered the craft that has been handed down through generations. This, together with production processes honed by years of experience, forms the basis of its work. Its glass-makers are able to create beautiful designer works from the batch, turning the ideas and concepts of designers into final products. Besides traditional production methods, Sans Souci places emphasis on innovation in both design and production, continuously developing new technologies for its original ideas.

The lighting fixture company drew inspiration from traditional cut-glass baskets and replaced the octagons with cuts in the shapes of lenses. Hand-blown and hand-engraved crystal-clear components feature lens-like cuts, made using the overlaying technique – and are then painted with real gold, platinum, brass nanocoating finish. Other colours can be achieved by applying a lustre coating. Flacons are an indispensable decoration for bathrooms and wardrobes.



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