Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems showcases innovative range of products at Index International Trade Fair in Mumbai

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems showcased their exciting range of innovative products at Index 2019, an exhibition on Interiors, Architecture & Design. Godrej LocksS showcased innovative products from its major business categories, among them Locks, Architectural & Glass Hardware, and Kitchen Systems.

Index 2019 was conducted from May 1st to 4th at the Bombay Exhibition Center, Mumbai. Visitors from interiors, architecture, materials and design segments showed immense interest in the range of products from the house of Godrej LocksS and had an opportunity to understand and experience the functionalities of the products, the technology behind them and their safety aspect.

The range of products displayed by Godrej LocksS at Index 2019 were:


Advantis is a high-tech electronic lock with almost space-age functions which are also simple to use. It is a revolution in locking solutions for Indian homes, as it brings security at one’s fingertips. It is packed with some of the most advanced features of smart locks as biometric technology –  a 360-degree fingerprint registration for maximum security; privacy function by which the lock can’t be opened from outside by any other means apart from a mechanical key override; low battery indication; fire-sensor, break-in damage alarm among many other security features. It comes in three variants of Advantis Revolution, Advantis Technosure, Advantis Rimtronic and Advantis Crystal.

Aries is a multi-bolt main door lock. It uses spring-less mechanical technology
(EVVA technology), which leads to 30 trillion key combinations, making it
impossible to duplicate the key. With a high-quality metal body with Roman
Silver finish, it is corrosion-resistant – so it lasts for years to come.
Pentabolt Aries comes with a privacy knob inside, so the lock cannot be opened
from outside, even with a key, unless you open the knob from inside. Safety
latch to prevent accidental lock-outs makes it even more convenient. It is openable
with knob from inside and key from the outside. Chic, aesthetically appealing,
it could suit any décor.

Nav-Tal Ultra XL+ is the latest upgrade to India’s
most trusted padlock Nav-Tal. Nav-Tal Ultra XL+ comes with advanced technology
offering ‘one in ten crore kind of special key’. Its brass body ensures rust
and tarnish resistance, providing long lasting strength and appearance. The
shackle of the Nav-Tal Ultra XL+ engages on both sides, thus providing dual
security. It is resistant to hacksaw and crowbar attacks due to boron-hardened
shackle. This padlock has up to 3 tons’ resistance to shackle and pull, giving
enhanced security. Packed with aesthetic appeal and safety, Nav-Tal Ultra XL+
is poised to cater to the demand of new age consumers. 

Mortise Door

Arsa is
range of designer door handles collection inspired from craftsmanship and
culture of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bikaner. It is an intriguing
heritage collection of handles, celebrating India’s fine craftsmanship and the
country’s myriad cultures. It comprises of four designer luxury door handles
Kalasam, Bel, Mor and Udaan – inspired from the heritage of Madhya Pradesh,
Maharashtra and Rajasthan, respectively.

and Glass Hardware

LocksS displayed its architectural and glass hardware range, which includes spider fittings, patch fittings, shower cubicle
fittings, manual sliding solutions and floor spring. Due to
rapid infrastructural development, there is a growing need for quality
architectural hardware. To meet this, Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems
offer these world-class products, a result of in-depth research, innovation and
state-of-the-art technology. The entire range has been designed to fit
perfectly into today’s high-tech residential and commercial establishments.

Kitchen Systems

Godrej’s kitchen systems include handpicked ranges of
intelligent solutions that seamlessly fit into today’s modular kitchen. Their
kitchen fittings include ergo boxes with customised features that suit everyday
need; cutlery organisers and inserts, corner solutions, multi-use baskets,
swing trays, swanky and agile soft pro lift-up solutions, anti-slip fixtures
and basically everything else that makes efficient use of each corner and small
space of a kitchen.




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