GoWork in Gurugram claims to be world’s largest collaborative co-working space

GoWork has declared that it’s the world’s largest collaborative co-working space, sprawled as it is over 8 lakh sq-ft with a capacity of 12,000 seats across two offices in Gurugram. Founded in June, 2017, GoWork is the vision of Sudeep Singh (chief evangelist and co-founder). As part of its initial funding, GoWork has raised the first round of funding from a family fund Nimitaya Group.

GoWork’s campuses have been built with an investment of Rs.800 crore. Apart from being the first-of-its-kind technology-oriented collaborative campuses in partnership with Spectra, the campus is also a LEED-certified Platinum-rated Green Building. Its interiors are aesthetically designed and decorated, keeping in mind mobility as well as efficiency. It also aims to meet the social and familial needs of its employees and plans to provide a crèche facility to encourage women entrepreneurs.

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Its current clientele includes companies like Zomato, Paytm, FlyingFur, Impactify, Lifelong, Fixoo, etc. GoWork has several packages for its members like Day Tripper (at Rs.350 per day), Tourist (at Rs.3,750 for ten days), Resident (at Rs.6,500 for a month), Citizen (an exclusive membership, at a price of Rs.8,250), Minister (one’s personal space at a price of Rs.10,000) and Virtual Office (at Rs.2,500).

From dedicated 1000-seater collaborative work environs for quick and optimised teamwork to ‘meditation’ and’ frustration’ zones for those office blues, GoWork ensures that it gives significant focus to individuals as well as the work

GoWork says that its efficient services have allowed businesses to maximise productivity while increasing operational efficiency, collaborations and impromptu networking sessions for collaborative development and reduction of capital expenditure of 10-15% by businesses.

In addition, its frequent start-up mentoring events and sessions in the campus with global business thought leaders and mentors allow the entrepreneurs and various other stakeholders to truly develop a global perspective while retaining a uniquely Indian style of working, a rare combination that is the need of the hour for Indian start-ups to rule the global business ecosphere.

GoWork’s first facility is located at 183, which the company says is the largest co-working space in the world with an area of 4.5 lakh sq-ft and a capacity to seat 7000 people. Just 100m away from it is GoWork’s second unit – located at 108; with a seating capacity of 5000 people and an area of 3.5 lakh sq-ft, the campus is the second largest co-working space in the world.



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