International awards for 3 Renson innovations

International awards for 3 Renson innovations
Red Dot Award for Linarte and Panovista Max, iF Design Award for Healthbox App

Renson can now add 3 new international awards to the trophy cabinet. The brand new Linarte design façade cladding and the Panovista Max sun protection screen for corner windows have been awarded the Red Dot Product Design label. The user app for the new, smart Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit won the iF Design Award. As a trendsetter in ventilation, sun protection, outdoor and façade cladding, Renson has proven once again that innovation is ingrained in the company’s DNA.


 Red Dot Award for Renson Linarte and Panovista max
Design cladding and corner sun protection awarded

Both the brand new Linarte design façade cladding and the Panovista Max corner sun protection from Renson now carry the Red Dot Product Design label. Both were praised by the Red Dot jury for their high-quality design and unique concept.

The individually-combinable aluminium profiles ensure that a Linarte façade is not only sustainable and maintenance-friendly, but also endlessly customisable. “The design of the Linarte system focuses on offering users versatility and easy integration to enable them to achieve a creative facade cladding solution,” the Red Dot Jury said. Infills with LED strips or wooden inserts and theoption to seamlessly integrate outdoor electrical sockets, water taps and even a videophone system make every Linarte façade a functional and unique eye-catcher.

Thanks to Panovista Max, large glass-on-glass corner windows or corner sliding windows can now also be fitted with sun protection screens without disturbing cables or guiderails in the corner. The 2 cloth pieces are driven by 1 motor, and they zip up in the corner while lowering. The panoramic view is retained, even when this wind-resistant (up to 90 km/h) sunroof awning is extended, while the inside temperature is not allowed to get unsustainably high from the sun. “The minimalist design of the Panovista Max fabric sun protection screen is pleasing for its almost invisible mechanism and high degree of practicality,” according to the Red Dot Jury.


“Success in this competition is the best proof of solid design and quality,” says Professor Dr. Peter Zec (founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award) about the Red Dot winners. “It confirms that the designers have understood the needs of their customers perfectly.” “We are particularly proud of this award,” concludes Paul Renson (CEO Renson). “It indeed shows once again that we can distinguish ourselves as a pioneer in our industry with innovations that perfectly meet the needs of the market.”



Renson Healthbox 3.0 app wins iF Design Award

The user application of the new, intelligent and connected Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit from Renson has won the iF Design Award. The app allows users to monitor their indoor air quality intuitively, 24/7, while their ventilation system makes the necessary adjustments automatically.

The Healthbox 3.0 application for end users of the Renson Healthbox 3.0 ventilation unit won the iF Design Award, a design competition organised by the iF International Forum Design GmbH from Hanover. In the “Design Excellence” category, the application achieved this award thanks to the way it converts an abstract concept such as indoor air quality into an intuitive interface using colour, graphs and tips. For example, residents can now be aware of their indoor air quality, 24/7, and know the ventilation unit is automatically contributing to this without manual adjustments being required. The Healthbox 3.0 app is available for iOS and Android.

“We are particularly proud of this award,” concludes Paul Renson (CEO Renson). “It confirms that we can distinguish ourselves as a trendsetter in ventilation with innovations that respond to the needs of the market perfectly. People are getting healthier and healthier, but they do not consider the importance of good indoor air quality. Using the Healthbox 3.0 app, we can show them
how their ventilation system contributes to the best possible indoor air quality in the home so they can live as healthy and comfortable lives as possible.”



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