Jaquar’s quest for wellness aims higher

Jaquar is taking the home spa experience to new heights. Artize, the brand’s luxury bath brand, unveiled the breathtaking shower spa Rainjoy+ that is not just a shower – but a specialised water therapy. Combining the hydro flow design with the best aqua pressure and chromotherapy, Rainjoy+ is designed to provide soothing sensations and relaxation with every shower. With options as diverse as rain, intense, massage and mist, the concealed overhead shower has multiple modes and showering concepts to suit the diverse needs of any wellness connoisseur. Mist spray, for instance, is created by forcing water through tiny outlets, resulting in a showering experience that can relieve stress, or can be best enjoyed during hot summers or after a workout. The massage option sends spiral columns of water milliseconds apart to create a drumming effect on the skin and muscles – promoting blood flow and reviving the body, similar to a massage. Artize Rainjoy+ comes in two models – oval and square – and features clean, aesthetic lines and an unobtrusive design. Both the styles use a larger-than-life size that aim to relax the muscles, restore calmness and repair the damage caused by the daily stress and strain of life.



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