JW Marriot Kolkata illuminated by designer lights from Sans Souci

Czech lighting fixture company Sans Souci has designed lights for the new JW Marriott in Kolkata, the first in the region and the 81st in India by the international hotel chain. Sans Souci, is known for combining creative designs with dexterity to highlight the beauty of glass and crystal through stunning lighting fixtures.

The new JW Marriott hotel exudes a natural elegance produced by the gentle shades of white and natural brown. The light fixtures in all the public premises, modern and visually simple yet impressive, have been intentionally imprinted with the purist beauty of clear crystal – a transparent material that stands out in combination with cuts or optical surface patterns.

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In the lobby, a crystal braid spanning 21m and weighing 650kg catches your attention. It is made up of 40 metal rings of various sizes, equipped with LED strips and interlaced with cut pendants. An incredible 8,000 cut prisms were needed to produce the rings. The 5m glass panels separating meeting and office spaces in an innovative way are a testimony to the skills of Bohemian glassmakers. They are decorated with sandblasted floral motifs lined with machine-cut stones and illuminated by LED sources placed in the outer frames.

The magnificence of the Czech crystal can be experienced elsewhere in the hotel as well. The pre-function rooms are interspersed with multiple wave installations, the longest spanning 12m. Each wave is composed of several hundred leaves, all of them created in hand-blown glass. The Grand Ballroom, too, is adorned with Sans Souci’s lighting artworks – the paisley-inspired patterns. Each of these fixtures consists of 5,000 transparent prisms. Their straightforward geometric shape and cut edges fill the luxurious interior with grace and beauty.

Sans Souci has mastered the craft that has been handed down with love from generation to generation. Production processes honed by years of experience, forms the basis of its work. Its glass-makers are able to create beautiful designer works from the batch, turning the ideas and concepts of designers into final products. Besides traditional production methods, Sans Souci places emphasis on unceasing innovation in both design and production, continuously developing new technologies for its ideas.



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