Luxury stone wall tiles from Topstona in Jaipur available in India

If you’re looking for new designer stone wall tiles concepts that will add glamour to your interior spaces, read on…

Exclusively carved stone surfaces can transform your walls into one-of-a-kind textured art pieces. But there’s no need to get laborious carving done by difficult-to-find craftsmen. Topstona, a company based in Jaipur, creates beautiful tactile and textured brilliance in the form of intricately-carved luxury wall tiles and modern-day claddings. They create 3-dimensional stone art claddings that fit perfectly into contemporary living spaces.

Every block of cladding is made from nature – from material such as sandstone, limestone and marble, which are transformed into remarkable surfaces with the chemistry of hand and technology. Texture is a fundamental element of nature, which bestows the emotions of expression and sensation to the environment – so maybe it’s time it was added back to our modern-day living spaces as well?

India is home to handlooms and their individualistic outcomes in weaves. From khadi to Chanderi, woven textures have been a part of the country’s culture and our everyday lives since 5,000 years ago. Deriving inspiration from the unique character of hand weaves, Topstona’s collection Entwine unveils a series of twines and twists translated into enchanting stone surfaces. These unique tiles are available in the size 2 x 2 sq-ft.

The line of surfaces is an indulgence into an erratic and intersecting consistency of knotted touch, crafted on to seamless Travertine marble. An outcome of transcribing the simple yet enchanting woven patterns on to beautifully anomalous Travertine stone, each cladding induces tranquillity into living spaces.

Travertine is a form of limestone created by the deposition of mineral springs. Commonly utilised in Rome to enrich monuments and residences in ancient times, the stone has naturally occurring holes and troughs on its surface that provide it with a unique identity.

For this collection, Topstona has carved the erratic Travertine in woven patterns using the cnc technique, which is then finished by hand to form the beautiful creations of Entwine.



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