Odisha gets its first luxury home décor store – Bespoke Interiors

Bespoke Interiors, a retail lifestyle brand in Odisha, designs, produces and sells a range of fine Indian designer furniture, accessories and lighting for the living room, dining room, bedroom, outdoors and home offices. The brand offers everything within Indian traditional and modern designs ranging from sofas and accent chairs to beds and decorative lightings.

Spread across an area of 8500sq-ft and divided into two floors, Bespoke Interiors has established itself as a brand catering to the niche clientele of Odisha and surrounding areas. Their furniture can be personalised to the user’s needs and tastes in a variety of colours and materials seamlessly harmonised so that the look is consistently carried through in the home. Leather, velvet, chrome steel, walnut, solid woo – the brand combines material and surfaces in a customised composition to create personal aesthetic design expressions.

The vision of Sitesh Pradhan, the brand was launched by him to meet the demand of high scale furniture for the design-conscious elite in Odisha and other eastern parts of India. “It’s about service and access,” declares Pradhan. “People can come in, touch and feel the products. People want to express their own style and live in a place that’s comfortable, which is why you want to find a store that does not only retails an exotic range of pieces, but also carefully curates’ products for you.”

At Bespoke Interiors, the mission is to curate a collection that is both stylish and timeless. “Each product is a piece of art and can be customised to complement your interior scheme,” adds Pradhan. “Our beautiful designer accessories are pieces you will wish to cherish for years to come. From statement lamps, wall art, mirrors, vases, cushions/cushion covers and more, you can find Indian design excellence rooted in heritage with a keen eye for detail.”

Through its design studio, the promoters intend to showcase the creative work behind every product, telling the story of how the most innovative materials lead to the final object through the skill of artistic creation. The store is located at Hanspal Square in Bhubaneshwar.



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