Script from Godrej promotes stress-busting furniture with decorating tips

With a little help from Script, a premium home furniture brand from the house of Godrej, you could ensure that homes are fitted with stress-busting pieces of furniture. Script is inspired by contemporary living and breaks free of traditional rules for an unbridled, intuitive and meaningful way of interacting with furniture. The brand focuses on innovative designs and detailing, creating space instead of just occupying it. Script facilitates the concept of ‘freedom of living’ by delivering what they have termed a ‘fluid living experience’.

Decorating a home to bring in an element of quiet-calm, can be stylish and fascinating if you follow these tips (whether or not you buy these products) from Script by Godrej & Boyce…

Add some splash to the living room: You can never go wrong with the colour red. The
Harbor Sofa by Script can add flavour to the dull living ecosystem with its
energetic brick-red colour, breaking away from the mundane. It will add pizzazz
to a vibrant and warm décor. Fused with lavish padding and a curvaceous design,
this sofa is an aesthetic and functional addition to a living space. One can lounge
in comfort without neck pain or leg cramp. Script designed this spacious and
soft sofa to accommodate one’s body structure comfortably.

Create a room with a cool view: The colour blue gives a surreal and calm
feeling even in the midst of the chaos of life. After an entire day filled with
fun and fatigue, who wouldn’t want to enter the bedroom to find this bed that
is soothing to the eye? The Scale King-size bed by Script comes with a
cushioned headboard, that one can relax one’s back on. Just sit back and lean
against the soft headboard – and you can read or watch TV for hours
comfortably. The frame of the double bed is linear and rectangular which will
fit in well in any space.

Sit on a seat of positivity: While we keep the living room filled with
good feelings, we must not forget the balcony or garden space. Flowers are the
best way to decorate the small space, but it is also good to have a place to
sit and enjoy the sound of the chirping birds. The Ava Bench by Script is
crowned with the hue of freshly-picked lemons, a striking bright yellow that
creates a hopeful ambience. You almost expect time to stand still as you gaze
at the little butterflies and birds going about their day, flying where the
wind beckons. Masterfully crafted, this piece features cushioned seating with a
sleek lacquer finish.



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