Viega Eco Plus is a compact WC designed for hospitals and care homes

Viega, a manufacturer of installation technology for sanitary and heating, has launched its Viega Eco Plus – a compact WC unit catering to all age groups and people with different functional abilities. The WC is variable, adjustable, adaptable and can be used at the touch of a button, without subsequent modifications and use of electronics. This product caters to all family members and offers the luxury and flexibility of convenience.

The Viega Eco Plus enables users to access this user-friendly creation with ease, and its attractive features and design provide optimal functionality. It is best suited to hospitals and care homes, as well as private multi-generational households. For instance, accessible bathrooms require products which are adjustable to the changing needs of users and can be adapted with little effort to different living situations. To meet this demand, Viega has introduced this product which can be used at just a touch of a button.

The WC can be adjusted in height and combined with conventional ceramics. The attractive and smart design hides the necessary technology behind a glass panel – giving it an aesthetic look. The product is designed with ingenuity that has wowed the jury at the “Bathroom Comfort for Generations” product competition for its ease of use and appealing quality. The Viega Eco Plus is designed and verified in the Viega factory in Germany.

The moveable inner frame with flexible outlet bend and flush pipe are hidden behind toughened safety glass, together with the control system. This allows the WC ceramic to be safely, smoothly and reliably moved 80mm up and down. The maximum seat height is 48cm. Only the release button, which is mounted on the glass panel, is visible.

When the WC element is assembled, the tiler can work up to the opening with the help of the supplied polystyrene cover. The fitter then simply positions the plastic cover with surrounding seal and fits the glass panel. Then, he fits the release button and WC ceramic.

At the touch of a button, the seat height of the WC can be individually adjusted in the range from 40cm to 48cm. The moveable but current-less technology needed for this, is hidden behind toughened safety glass. The flush actuators can be selected from the Viega range.




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