Viega India redefines functionality with the launch of adjustable bathrooms

Viega India, a manufacturer of
installation technology for sanitary and heating, has introduced a unique
concept where things adapt to people with their adjustable bathroom designs.  The ability to live in familiar and
comfortable surroundings at a ripe old age is an understandable wish shared by
several senior citizens. This can easily be a reality through the choice of
age-friendly accommodation.

This begins in the bathroom, a
sanctuary of relaxation and self-care. Early planning of this space can yield
rich dividends later in life. Several factors should be taken into
consideration to ensure maximum ‘room to manoeuvre’. Additionally, proper
planning with the washbasin, toilet areas, bathtubs, spacious shower with or
without sills also contribute to making a functional and pleasing bathroom.

Manoj Maithani, speaking on the adjustable
bathrooms, said, “At Viega, we aim to create products that are functional and
suit the needs of our customers. We want to provide a comfortable lifestyle to
everyone, and we place great emphasis on this factor right from the designing
stage. Our new range of adjustable bathroom designs, which are intelligently
planned and executed, will provide a space that evokes a sense of style – and yet
be highly functional, making lives easier.”

Viega’s adjustable bathroom range showcases
how bathrooms can be designed for all ages without compromising on comfort.
These are the washbasin and toilet that can be height-adjusted at the touch of
a button, with foldaway support for more ease of use. To add to the unique
design points, the stylish and functional floor-level shower channel provides
easy access not just to older age groups, but even other family members. A popular
solution is seen in Viega’s Advantix Vario wall drain, which is extremely
narrow and blends elegantly with the overall design solution.

The first adjustment option;
height-adjustable washbasin which has been common in kitchens and offices for a
long time, has now arrived in the bathroom. This washbasin element from Viega
can be adjusted for height and can be moved up to 20cm vertically –  easily and at any time. At the touch of a
button, the ceramic section travels upwards within a range of approximately 70
to 90cms from floor level. To move it down, it is enough just to lean on the
basin in order to move it to a position that makes washing from a sitting
position comfortable. The Viega Eco Plus washbasin element can be combined with
many different individual ceramic units and is completely independent of
electrical power.

The second adjustment option; height-adjustable
toilet is also set to make lives easy. Adults and differently abled people find
it easier to stand up if the toilet is higher, whereas a lower seat is more
suitable for children. Viega’s height adjustable WC element now makes it
possible to adjust the sitting height to each person’s individual needs – at
any time. Here, too, the touch of a button is enough, and the WC ceramic unit
travels up to 8cms up or down. It can be combined with many WC ceramic units
and all Viega flush plates from the Visign range.

In the end, it all boils down to how
one wishes to live when older. To ensure being able to remain in one’s own home
for as long as possible, it is generally necessary to make some modifications,
and plan. Products that adapt to suit the needs of all, are now also available
for bathrooms. They are aesthetically pleasing and extremely flexible, so that
they can be installed long before they become a necessity. The fittings are
there to be adjusted to people, not the other way around.

Viega was founded in Attendorn,
Germany, in 1899. Since 2005, Viega has been present in the Indian market.
After several years with independent sales representatives, in 2015 the legal
entity Viega India Pvt. Ltd. was founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to foster the
Indian local footprint. This includes investments in a production site in
Sanand to better serve local market needs. Sales and service teams are present
in major cities in India.



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