Villeroy & Boch brings design revolution in shower toilets to India

It looks just like a conventional toilet, as the technology has been integrated into the ceramic and not the seat… but ViClean-I 100 from Villeroy & Boch sets a new standard in the design of shower toilets. The new product boasts clear lines and a minimalist look, accentuated by the ultra-flat toilet seat. Add to that the intuitive use and convenient shower functions – and the ViClean-I 100 becomes a subtle centrepiece in a purist bathroom.

Shower toilets are becoming increasingly popular, and can be found in many bathrooms with high-quality fittings. More and more people are turning to shower toilets as they want to experience the pleasant, thorough and gentle clean feeling that fresh water provides as well as benefit from the impressive hygienic advantages. However, when it comes to design, the bulky shape and visible technology of conventional shower toilets have not been able to win people over.

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This changes with the new ViClean-I 100 from Villeroy & Boch, as it looks like a conventional wall-mounted toilet. Behind its purist exterior, the ViClean-I 100 conceals a high-quality shower toilet that was developed and produced entirely in Europe. The best materials have been combined together – high-quality sanitary ceramics for the toilet, a seat made from robust Duroplast with solid hinges in stainless steel, and a shower nozzle cover made from the patented Quaryl® material. The nozzle tips and panel create a flush look. Thanks to this InvisibleJet technology, the shower nozzle is practically invisible when not active.

ViClean-I 100 is simple and convenient to use. It is intuitive and can be easily operated by remote control or a smartphone app. Several shower functions are available that will leave users feeling refreshingly clean. The highlight is the HarmonicWave shower jet, which intelligently combines oscillating and rotating movements for the first time while providing a thorough and revitalising wash.

The ViClean-I 100 shower toilet is easy to install, even by one person, requiring little time and effort thanks to the integrated mounting aid and SupraFix attachment system. The concealed water and power connections are easy to connect. And the new shower toilet is perfect for the ViConnect installation systems, which have an exclusive choice of high-quality flush plates that can also be fitted with discreet lighting.

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