The allure of aluminium
10 Aug, 2020
Often called 'The Metal of the Future', aluminium has widespread applications across various segments of construction
Frost & Sullivan presents report on top sensor technologies
09 Aug, 2020
Real-time data provided by integrated sensor systems will enable easy decision-making for government bodies, says the report
Bring convenience home with smart switches
07 Aug, 2020
Saurabh Goel, president, Havells India, shares how modernised IoT-enabled switchgear can re-shape modern living
Home is where the bar is!
06 Aug, 2020
Pankaj Poddar, the co-founder of Hipcouch, a Mumbai-based interior design company, shares tips on designing the perfect home bar unit more...
Sanjyt Syngh reveals exquisite reading nook designs
05 Aug, 2020
The designer offers an easy yet elegant guide to creating a cosy space in your home
The future of the built world – parametric yet self-reliant!
05 Aug, 2020
Architect Bineeta Ghoshal writes about Ant Studio’s quest for sustainable design through parametricism
Bring in the monsoon madness with Greelam
31 Jul, 2020
Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, shares monsoon-friendly design ideas for homes
The limitless possibilities in designing a creative office
30 Jul, 2020
Minnie Bhatt of Minnie Bhatt Designs shares her design thought process while coming up with hip yet productive offices more...
CBRE-SAPFI sheds light on the future of co-living
27 Jul, 2020
According to its survey, 63% operators expect a major shift towards professionally-managed shared accommodation facilities