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An office redefined by KNS Architects

The DLH corporate office was given an all-new look to reflect the company’s growth and new verticals

Earlier in 2005, KNS Architects designed the DLH corporate office, when the corporate company was relatively new and had just ventured into the vertical of development and construction. The space was conceived as a modern, bright, open-office space, displaying competency, strength to deliver and timely completion of projects. After 15 years, the same space had to be redefined and upgraded – presently the company is an established one and is into different genres of development like luxurious residential properties, hospitality projects and more.

KNS treated it like a blank canvas and perceived it with a new look to define its current status.

The primary idea was to have a space full of warmth and designated areas (rather than the earlier open format) with a touch of glamour and elegant comfort. It was designed like a luxurious residence, redefining the look of an office space, which would emanate a feeling of home at work. Key aspects considered to achieve the concept was the right balance between the colour palette, materials, lighting, soft furnishing and emphasising the form at the right places.

At the entrance, the double clear glass doors, framed with shimmering golden metal sheets, reflect transparency and luxury at the same time. A dark brown, marble, Armani Bronze at the entrance, flowing into the reception and waiting, accentuated with wide brass inlays defines the transition from the lobby into the reception, with a complementing fluid ceiling. This defines the sense of arrival into the office space. The reception table is perceived as an organic fluid form complementing the entrance ceiling, finished with copper finished PU coat, depicting luxury with a modern twist. The waiting is divided into two seatings, a nice console with a leafy brass finished chandelier adding to the desired glamour. The colours chosen are tones of peach, adding softness and warmth to the place. Another twin door in a similar finish divides the main office and the reception, primarily for security reasons as well as for creating a feeling of an unexpected awe in the waiting area.

As you transit from the reception through these doors, there is a linear passage finished with a wenge wooden floor with the semi-enclosed staff area on one side and the massive board room on the other. The tones are the shades of browns and mushroom to add to the warmth as well as to create an atmosphere of working. Moving further the passage opens up to a massive square, lending a feeling of a courtyard with light filtering through the skylight in the ceiling. This space is kept open, uncluttered, and key areas are complemented with art, artefacts and shimmering consoles. The courtyard leads to the various cabins for business development, a lounge, the director’s cabin and the chairman’s chamber.

The lounge has an elegant and cozy look with the walls finished in a shimmering peach wallpaper and the curated white sofas to bring in the attentiveness as well as serving as a comfortable resting spot. The director’s and the business development cabins follow a similar language as the rest of the office.

The furniture in the director’s cabin is from the well-known Italian brand Giorgetti. The chairman’s cabin is close to 2,000 sq-ft, with the feeling of being nestled in the sky from the massive glazing on two sides reflecting the city skyline.

The zones are defined and none of them intermingle or interfere with the other - the  primarily four zones being a formal main table area, lounge, private conference room and a tucked-away dining area. Well curated furniture from Italian brands and bespoke pieces inhabit the respective zones. A collage of completed projects by the developer is composed on one wall with leather panels.



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