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Sanjyt Syngh serves up a charming country home open kitchen

Wooden cabinets, exposed bricks and open wooden shelves on curved corbels create the quintessential casual country vibe

Delhi-based interior designer and stylist Sanjyt Syngh, known for his bold and creative ideas, presents a charming shabby chic open kitchen full of the warmth of wood and vintage flair that makes you nostalgic for the country holiday home kitchens that you visited in what seems like a previous life now.

The Covid situation has prompted us to get busy in the kitchen, whipping up dishes that bring us comfort and let our creative juices flow. On days when it seems like a drudgery, the kitchen design always helps. That is how design influences us. This country home kitchen by Sanjyt Syngh takes you back to your holiday at a Swiss chalet in jiffy. “We have a soft spot for country holiday homes and we love open kitchens. When you put them together, you get what we call enchanting kitchens,” he says.

Wooden cabinets with an interesting Z-design on them, exposed bricks and open wooden shelves on curved corbels create the quintessential casual country vibe, while the modern chandelier over the dining table brings in the contemporary flair; and the artworks add a bit of fun and quirkiness.

“An open kitchen is not just about shelving and gadgets. It’s the whole package, so we provide you the whole package. We conceive the entire idea even before we design the kitchen. Every piece of crockery and stemware is thought through. We love adding surprises – like some small artworks behind your stemware or dinnerware – they add character,” says the designer.

And as with all Sanjyt Syngh creations, you see bold and atypical choices. “There is no rule that says you only need earthenware for rustic kitchens. We love mixing eras and styles as you can see these pictures,” he says. For finishing, he adds fuzzy throws and cake stands. It’s like cherry on top of the cake!



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