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Keep your AC performance intact this monsoon

Neeraj Gupta, senior general manager, Living Environment Division, Mitsubishi Electric India, tells you how

After keeping you comfortable all summer long, your air conditioner (AC) also needs a little attention from you. Like for regular health check-ups, we visit doctors, ACs also require maintenance from time to time, especially when a new season is about to set in. With the arrival of monsoon in India, it is expected that the average temperature will range from 35 to 40 degrees Celsius, but it feels like it is above 43 to 45 degrees Celsius due to humidity in many parts of India. It is also important to note that indoor temperature plays a major role in maintaining comfort, which is why caring for your air conditioner – especially during this season – is crucial.

One of the common reasons for poor AC performance levels is usually due to a lack of maintenance. It is advisable to call for professional help whenever possible. It is estimated that regular HVAC maintenance reduces the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%, and who doesn’t like to save money. Therefore, let us now look at some points that will keep your AC working smoothly throughout this season and the next.

Get a surge protector

If you live in an area where monsoons bring along frequent power cuts, it’s essential to get a surge protector to protect your air conditioner. Unexpected power failure and electrical fluctuations can do severe damage to the AC’s internal electric components and can wear them out before their expected life. A surge protector will redirect high voltage surges, like those from lightning, into the ground and away from your HVAC system.

Running AC on dry mode

It is advisable to run your AC on dry mode. It helps to remove the extra humidity in the room. Once the humidity is removed, the indoors become much more comfortable than earlier. The room air conditioner product has a dry mode on remote controllers. Utilising the dry mode more often is also better for the environment. By using dry mode when appropriate, you’re also reducing energy costs via energy efficiency, and lowering your carbon footprint.

Clean outdoor unit

The room air conditioners are accompanied by an outdoor unit that is integral in the operation of the air conditioner. Rainfall and stormy weather can clog the outdoor unit with leaves and dust. Getting a breathable space for the outdoor unit should go a long way in keeping it functioning well. Dirty condenser coils also cause a number of other problems than just reduced cooling capacity; however, because this leads to longer cycle times, your system will have to run more often, and that means it’ll burn more energy to keep you comfortable. It can also cause strain on other system components as well, including your compressor, which is the heart of your entire system.

AC temperature for monsoon

We suggest the temperature for running the AC during monsoon should be around 25 to 30 degrees, as it maintains the perfect temperature for those rainy days and is also an ideal temperature for saving on your electricity bills.

Switch off AC during storm

Storms are unavoidable during monsoon. Therefore, one should be prepared and always switch off your AC MCB during the storm as it can damage outdoor fan blades of the AC machine along with the other parts. During a storm, branches and leaves get blown up against the AC coils at outdoor units, causing restricted airflow and performance drop. It is suggested to check the outdoor unit surroundings (if possible) and clean obstacles, before restarting the AC.

Clean condenser coils

Condenser coils that are in the outdoor unit for a room air conditioner and within the case of a window AC are the most integral part of any air conditioner, being directly responsible for cooling. Dusty windstorms can fill it with dust and debris. After general inspection, in case you find it dirty, call professionals to service your ACs.

Regular check on drainpipes

During the monsoon season, please regularly check the drainpipe. The drainpipe may be clogged due to extra dirt accommodation during the summer season. With high humidity in the atmosphere, air conditioner systems will generate extra water; it should free flow through the drain outlet. The drainpipes should be cleaned properly, otherwise it will create a water clogging problem.

How to operate an AC well

Always make sure that windows and doors are properly closed, while running the air conditioner. This is done to maintain the desired room temperature. During monsoon season, extra care should be taken in keeping doors and windows closed, otherwise the prevailing outside humid air gets mixed with the cold air of air conditioners and creates tiny water droplets due to the condensation process. We suggest you keep the vane direction upwards or choose a function which will lift the vane upwards after an hour; this will safeguard water droplets from falling on the floor area due to condensation.

Enhance AC performance

Please remember not to install any heat generating & power converting device like LED TV, computer etc. nearby air conditioners as it may have an impact on system performance.

Always call professionals for AC service

Even after all precautions are taken, if you are still facing a problem, don’t hesitate to call trained professionals for AC servicing. It is always best that you book a service call for it and have it checked by a professional service engineer. Often, it is seen that if a minor problem is ignored it could lead to a major one, which ultimately leads to a total breakdown of the AC unit. By taking these preliminary measures to ensure your air conditioner is protected and working properly, you can enjoy the monsoon season, inside and outside your house.

Additional features of ACs to guard against monsoon

Some of the features to boost AC performance during monsoon include anti-corrosion coating, anti-rust outdoor cabinets, dual barrier coating – which prevents dust and greasy dirt from getting into the AC, micro particle catching filter, anti-mould filter, high-density filter – which eliminates PM 2.5 and catches smaller dust that helps in maintaining clean air in the room, and auto-reset in case of a power cut. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners come with these features to become your reliable partners in this monsoon and the next.



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