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A guide to choosing indoor lighting for your home

Lighting is a critical aspect while remodelling or designing a home, shares Prag Bhatnagar, senior vice president, Havells India

Many of us do not give the right amount of thought while choosing lighting for our new home. Inadequate and poor lighting has been linked to depression and Vitamin D deficiency while on the other hand, appropriate lighting is known to improve energy and mood levels. Moreover, lighting affects our body’s circadian rhythm. Think of it like a 24-hour built-in clock in your brain that determines your sleep cycle, relaxation and stimulation. A disrupted circadian rhythm caused by poor lighting indoors can negatively affect our emotions and cause other detrimental effects on overall health. Therefore, selecting proper lighting is a critical aspect while remodelling or designing a home.

Different light for different rooms
Lights for your living/drawing room should be bright and cheery with lounge light and a couple of other light sources. You can layer illumination in a room with different lighting sources including overhead, accent, and task lights. You can begin by hanging a decorative ceiling lighting fixture such as a pendant or a chandelier in the centre and then focus on the walls using downlight to accentuate paintings, curtains etc. in order to create efficient and warm lighting. On the other hand, your bedroom should have bright light with a few gentle lights that can help you attain a calm atmosphere to put you to sleep quickly.

Use LEDs for energy efficiency
There are a variety of LED lighting options available in the market capable of emitting lights of different colours. In fact, using a single luminaire, you can enjoy the twofold benefits i.e. low power consumption and longer lasting illumination. Lighting can also be customised according to the specific requirements of the residents, keeping in mind whether space requires task lighting, accent lighting or ambient lighting.

Mood lighting
With the help of LED technology and various controllers, one can manoeuvre lighting effects as per the ambience desired. The light colour and intensity can be customised in line with the requirement.

It is clear now that Illuminating a space is not as basic and straightforward as plugging in just about any lightbulb into a socket and turning on the switch. Appropriate lighting can go a long way in improving the quality of your life.



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