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The limitless possibilities in designing a creative office

Minnie Bhatt of Minnie Bhatt Designs shares her design thought process while coming up with hip yet productive offices

There are really limitless possibilities while designing a creative work space. After having designed many creative work spaces which are in tune of the culture of the work space, I’ve understood that offices no longer need to be just serious, cold looking spaces. They can be vibrant, alive and energetic that inspire people to work at their optimal potential.

While the work culture in many offices now allows flexible hours where employees can come in as they are comfortable, the staff presence in the office is rotational. While designing creative offices I give a lot of importance to meeting spaces, little nooks where the team can brainstorm and break out areas as well.

The preferred workstations have adjustable heights and can be personalised to each ones own comfort. I like to add a lot of plants and natural green elements to the space as it makes it close to natural and lends a certain easy and natural vibe to the space. If an open area like a terrace or deck is part of the space I ensure that this area is well equipped with seating for the team to use it to the fullest.

There are limitless finishes that can be used in a creative office as it does not have to adhere to any particular formal design rules. In fact, there are no rules, As long as the space is conducive to working comfortably. I’ve used tiles, IPS, concrete, metal and a variety of other finishes in creative office projects compared to the formal veneer and marble feel of corporate office spaces.

The layout too can be atypical. In one media office that I’ve designed, I’ve created a mini amphitheater in the breakout area which also serves as a training room.

Creative office spaces can be completely unconventional in the way entrance lounges, meeting rooms, staff break out areas and workstations are designed. Colour also plays a key role in how vibrant the office can be. In creative office bright colours contrasting muted finishes can create a great ambience.

Light fixtures are my favourite element in the design of a space. Custom light fixtures look interesting and yet serve the desired purpose of correctly illuminating the space. The light fixtures I use in the workstation areas are different from the ones I use for the breakout spaces as here they can be warmer and softer.

Artworks play another important role in these space. They can be digital graphics, photographs or even caricatures – any kind of art lends character to the space and gives it greater personality.



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