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Bring in the monsoon madness with Greelam

Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, shares monsoon-friendly design ideas for homes

The pitter-patter of raindrops on leaves, lush green shades of the environment and the various magical moods of the monsoon season, all of this can be delightfully relished while we are staying indoors. If you are wondering how, then read on to discover simple ways of bringing the cheer and solace of this season inside the home.

Eucalyptus Pommel

To experience the sights and sounds of nature, what place could be more perfect than the balcony or window area? It can play multiple roles as a workplace, hangout zone, kids’ play area and evening family get-together space. Make it monsoon ready with the easy maintenance of decorative veneers used in wall panels and spruce it up with chic décor pieces. For instance, pair metallic photo frames with this Eucalyptus Pommele by Decowood from the house of Greenlam Industries to achieve a visual flamboyance. Lastly, place an old mattress along with multi-coloured cushions surrounded with mini planters that will instantly enliven everyone’s mood.

Oak Amber

One of the best ways to drive away the gloominess of the rainy season is by bringing the summer vibes in the living room. The idea here is to marry the brightness of a sunny day with the freshness of monsoon rains. Enliven the space with the sparkle and energy of a yellow sofa and few accents to balance the classic white shade of the walls. Opt for this Oak Amber floor by Mikasa from the house of Greenlam Industries for its non-brushed texture will add warmth to the interiors. Mikasa floors are composed of three layers - real hardwood, a stabilising core and a balancing layer. Put together using modern technology, this construction provides solidity and stability to every plank while restricting the expansion and contraction of wood, giving your floor resilience to stand the test of time and climate. 

Midnight Acacia

Since a bedroom marks the start and end of one’s day, investing time in revitalising its interiors can prove to be a blessing. Give a monsoon makeover by pairing white curtains with darker toned walls to set the ambiance. For the bedding, use calming shades like sea green or mint green to add a mystical touch to the interiors. To further accentuate this effect, go for this Midnight Acacia by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries because its wood grain texture effortlessly complements the colour scheme. This antibacterial laminate also retards the growth of common bacteria by up to 99.99%, making it a preferred choice considering the importance of health and hygiene these days.



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