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Sanjyt Syngh reveals exquisite reading nook designs

The designer offers an easy yet elegant guide to creating a cosy space in your home

Delhi-based interior designer and stylist Sanjyt Syngh, known for his bold and creative ideas, throws open some exclusive, intimate reading nooks that make staying isolated in a corner with a favourite book all the more attractive, and even glamorous.

Is there a better way to escape from the mundane than be cocooned in a beautiful corner with a book? As we are sequestered at home, fortunately, most of us have reclaimed our love for reading and the solace it offers.

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“With the current confinement to our homes, the concept of home has taken on a new meaning. We are not going out to restaurants, bars and coffee shops, so it is important to bring them home. I propose we create beautiful nooks to enjoy the pleasure in the comfort of our home. After a long day of exposure to your laptop screen, one of the most satisfying ways to wind down is curling up with a good book,” says the designer.

These stunningly exquisite reading corners designed by Sanjyt Syngh are inviting. His ingredients for a cosy nook are an ultra comfortable chair, luxurious throw that is as important as a good book, a down feather cushion that can give you the comfort to be hooked to Instagram for hours, ambient lighting that can be in the form of a lamp, a side table for that cup of coffee or whiskey sour, and a footstool to add comfort.

With a bit of thought, and smart use of colour and patterns, these nooks can become a highlight area in any space. Coordinate the drapes with the upholstery and extend them to the walls with fabric paneling for a luxurious look.

With all this in place, now all you need is that book.



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