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Home is where the bar is!

Pankaj Poddar, the co-founder of Hipcouch, a Mumbai-based interior design company, shares tips on designing the perfect home bar unit

In the year 2020, home is where the party is and home is where the bar is! Don't let this pandemic dappen your party spirit. Why wait for it to be safe to visit bars when you can bring the bar home? Sounds fun, right? If having a happy hour in your pyjamas fancies you, read along.

1. Bringing back the glamour
The chic look is always trending. This can be achieved by bringing back the Art Deco style from the glamorous '90s to the 21st century by choosing rich colours, bold shapes, and decadent detailed work with the use of sleek materials. This style spells out luxury and makes you feel royal without taking up much space.

2. Built-in bars
What better addition could you ask for in a dining room than a sleek built-in bar space? Choose wooden shelves to keep the glasses, marble backsplash and mirror to ensure that the space doesn't feel cluttered. It can be opened and used or closed and concealed, as required, making the unit visually minimalist and the host in you completely ready for your next party.

3. Consolidate the two
How clever is it to combine a console with a bar? Even a simple design feature can have a big visual impact. Instead of traditional horizontal shelving, this home bar favours shelves slanted at an angle. This design approach clearly hasn't cut down the storage capacity of the unit. It's a space-saving option for fitting in the home bar you've been dreaming of and goes well with the modern living room. 

4. Flexible and foldable
The nordic piece of furniture comprises a simple wall mounted wine cabinet with a folding bar table. It's the best possible option for homes in megacities where space is a constraint. This type of arrangement will allow free flowing of areas as well as divide the areas whenever required. 

5. For the vintage connoisseur
This bar keeps all your essentials for entertaining friends and family on display and close at hand. The bar uses a strong geometrical shape which is stretched vertically so that it consumes less floor space. Muted colours are used to blend well in all the possible settings. The body and legs are made in stoved iron with mesh iron back panel. This bar unit would definitely be one of the conversion starters in the party.

6. Divide and rule
Who would have thought the visual divider could also serve as a bar unit? Places where visual partitions are required between the living and the dining area this fits perfectly, making a statement. The combination of the two materials makes it versatile and gives space to display your collection.

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