Asite launches report on optimising digital engineering in construction

The industry needs to establish new forms of collaboration and overcome its fragmentation to safeguard its digital future, says the report

Asite launched a new research report examining how the construction industry can optimise its approach to digital engineering. The report titled ‘Digital Engineering: Optimising Construction’s Digital Future’ provides recommendations for how the industry can overcome its fragmentation to ensure future prosperity. The report also recommends steps the industry needs to take to set the foundations for the global advancement of digital engineering.

Asite CEO Nathan Doughty commented, “For years, Asite has been at the forefront of digital integration across the AEC (Architecture Engineering Construction) industry; we recognise the importance of digital adoption and believe the future of our industry lies in digital engineering. To help enhance digital adoption and ensure the future prosperity of our industry, this report provides recommendations for how we can optimise our use of digital engineering processes and create a more integrated and collaborative industry. As our industry continues to recover and rebuild in the wake of COVID-19, now is the right time to take the opportunity to build a digital ecosystem that works for everyone.”

The report examines digital engineering from a number of different standpoints, including the benefits of digital engineering across the project lifecycle, innovative projects that are leading the way, the technologies set to be the most transformative, and global government initiatives to push the adoption of digital engineering techniques. Finally, it arrives at a recommendation for how the construction industry can unlock greater value.

Read the report here.



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