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What cities and homes of tomorrow would look like?

Anubhav Gupta, business head - Vikhroli, head of CSR and Sustainability, founder of GPL Design Studio, Godrej Properties, tells us what to expect

Typically, when one future gazes about tomorrow, it is in reaction to what is happening today with an emphasis on the progression of science and technology to improve our lives in the near future. With looming climate change; global pandemics; economic, social and political turmoil; our natural reaction to the current time with a hope of doing better has never been stronger. It is imperative that we use this opportunity to press a reset button and change the way we do things. Change does not always mean we fundamentally do different things; but rather do the same things that are relevant, differently and more responsibly. Values of sustainability, health, well-being, equity, affordability, shared economy, security, productivity, adaptability, innovation, growth, community and freedom of choice are likely to be focus areas in urban planning and housing development for the near future.
Science, technology, big data and analytics are great tools for architects, urban planners, governments and the private sector to plan ahead. These have also broken traditional boundaries where borders between previously defined constructs may be irrelevant. We have become increasingly global where cities are dynamic with homes and other asset classes constantly evolving and adapting rapidly to our changing lifestyles. Co-living, Co-working, online commerce, working from home, living at work, sharing of services, emergence of the experience economy and the millennial mindset is driving for new definitions of what cities and homes of the future ought to become. This is possibly a paradigm shift in the making and should not be left to an organic change by default. This change should be planned to ensure the preservation of values we need to improve our lives for the better.
In my view, cities and homes of tomorrow – if planned right – will ideally look like a hybrid brought together by breaking traditional boundaries to counter for past failures and ensure for future progress; adaptation to emerging lifestyles that bring communities together; and the preservation of values that sustain a viable and healthy future for humankind.

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