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The importance of open living spaces

Designer Abhishek Chadha of The KariGhars makes a compelling case for designing cosy terrace spaces in a residence

Amidst bustling townships, concrete jungles, and virtual interactions, the tranquil effects of nature and open spaces are often forgotten. Meanwhile, due to the abundant lifestyle changes, stress has become an inevitable part of every person’s life. With people locked in their homes, the need for open living spaces has taken centerstage.

Terraces and balconies are valuable spaces in a house because it offers direct contact with the outside, as well as helps us to take our minds off things. Apart from cherishing good weather, a terrace maximises the space of a house, if managed well, and even helps save energy. It can be used as a space to add a touch of greenery in the household.

In our recent project, we transformed a scintillating corner in the Sobha Palladian residence. Overlooking a beautiful view, the balcony is a splash of colours and hues. Adept with a perfect mix of traditional and contemporary elements, it is easily the most favorite corner of the house. In this residence, I decided to spruce up the space and add warmth by creating comfortable corners within the expanse. The outdoor furniture, made of wicker, is a fusion of mid-century modern and contemporary styles. Mixing and matching different furniture design styles was a fun and clever way to master an eclectic terrace.

Abhishek Chadha.

Open terrace spaces are a treat for sore eyes and add to the overall appeal of the apartment. Terrace is an efficient tool for spreading awareness about the benefits of staying connected to nature. The lockdown has had a cascading effect on the mental health of almost everyone. It's up to us to find solace amidst the chaos and it has taken a pandemic to make us realise the importance of open spaces and breathtaking views. In upcoming trends in architecture and design, the inclusion of a terrace with a spectacular view should be a priority among designers.



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