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Small Bathrooms? These ideas by Hipcouch are here to save you!

Pankaj Poddar, co-founder of Hipcouch, shares how to make bath spaces look bigger and more luxurious

Be it commercial or residential spaces, design enhances the function as well as the aesthetics of a space. Further, let’s talk about spaces that you can correlate with on a daily basis. Spaces like bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, etc. are the ones we inhabit most. To narrow it down, bathrooms are extremely important spaces and It is a challenge to incorporate the functional aspects in a confined bathroom.

Minimal use of materials

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The right material can bring any space together. For a small bathroom, the selection of material plays a vital role. It is advisable to play with a maximum of two materials. Glass partitions can be replaced with shower curtains. A larger surface can be covered with a mirror to create the illusion of space and make the space look bigger. In case of mirrors, frameless mirrors are ideal.

Toilet fixtures

Corner or a floating washbasin helps save floor space. Washbasins with curved corners prevent injuries caused by sharp edges. A water closet is an essential component in a bathroom. Keeping it wall mounted makes the floors easy to clean and the space appear visually bigger.

Colour palette

For tight spaces, it is advisable to use a lighter colour palette. It allows the light to reflect well and makes the room look bigger. A combination of tiles and wall paint adds to the aesthetic value too. Colour brings down the heaviness of the tile. This combination is advisable only in dry areas.

Textures and patterns

Textures or prints can make a lot of difference to the visual impact of a space. Larger prints make a space look confined while fine textures bring about a sense of openness to the space. Tiles with fewer joints result in a seamless surface and also prevent dirt accumulation.


By incorporating bright mirror lights in addition to the ceiling lights, one can brighten up the bathroom and make it look visually bigger. Apart from artificial lighting, it is advisable to incorporate natural light. Making the window bigger or partly adding glass to a wall can bring in more natural light.

Space saving tricks

One can maximise storage even in a small bathroom. Build storages in the nooks and corners of the bathroom. Carving out niches in the shower area or next to the washbasin not only blends in with the walls but it also frees up the floor space. Adding hooks behind the door and adding storage behind the mirror saves space too and makes it functional.



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