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The whimsical influence of Scandinavian style

Parul Mittal, director, Greenlam Industries, highlights three Nordic styles for modern minimalist homes

A focus on minimalism and simplicity without compromising on beauty is what makes-up the evergreen trend
of Scandinavian home décor. It celebrates a blend of textures and soft hues. Curious about how to pull off the look? Well, here we present easy ways to bring the warmth and natural essence of a Nordic retreat in your space.

Oak Tide

Have you been planning to visit your favorite Scandinavian country but had to put it on hold due to the
lockdown? How about we replicate a similar feel in your space? To start with, try this Oak Tide by Decowood Veneers from the house of Greenlam Industries that has an exquisite grain pattern. This veneer will help you bring in the element of real wood and weave a rich ambiance. Further, add a few contrasting elements like a black matte finished lamp or vase paired against white walls. To add more drama, opt for a black and white rug in a zig-zag pattern.

Cardiff Elm

While muted colours like beige and white have been a hallmark of Scandinavian décor, you can add a pop
of colour through chairs and accents in pastel pink or mauve. For your walls, we suggest Cardiff Elm by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries. This laminate also provides health and hygiene features – antivirus, antibacterial, antifungal that kill up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria which come in contact with the surface. Lastly, add some plants and foliage to complete the look.

Oak Moonlight

For a clean, uncluttered and a visually rejuvenating Scandinavian look, go for minimal interiors. Oak Moonlight
by Mikasa Floors from the house of Greenlam Industries is an apt choice if you are looking to add a touch of sophistication to the setting. Also, Mikasa Floors are composed of three layers - real hardwood, a stabilising core and a balancing layer, which provides solidity and stability in all types of climate. Place a modern sofa set in hues of grey to marry it with dark shades of your other interiors. Since proper lighting is key to enhancing this décor style, go for pendant lamps and crisp white sheer curtains.



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