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Photographs: Harsh Sharma

Awfis decodes shifting needs of the Indian workforce with a nationwide survey

The survey was conducted over a period of two months across seven metros in India, and analysed inputs from 1,000 employees across diverse industries

Awfis, India's largest home-grown flex workspace provider, launched Awfis Remote Working report, to offer a glimpse into the changing needs and preferences of the urban Indian workforce concerning their place of work post the onset of COVID-19 and nationwide lockdown.

The online survey brings to the forefront various challenges and opportunities employees have faced and identified with this new mode of operation. Additionally, the survey also focuses on employees' willingness and ability to continue to work remotely from their home as well as infrastructural requirements to aid them to operate effectively, amongst others. The remote working report also puts forth some vital aspects that organisations would need to consider while devising their long-term remote working strategies. 

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Amit Ramani, CEO & founder, Awfis, explains, "By means of this survey, we were able to deconstruct the employee perspective and share critical insights that would help managers and organisations in devising sustainable remote working strategies. As a flex workspace provider we are partnering with companies to offer solutions for unique needs and requirements of employees and organisations. We strongly feel that as part of business continuity planning (BCP), increasingly companies are setting up multiple satellite offices at various locations to de-densify the headquarters, and to enable their workforce to work near home. In addition to our flex workspaces, we have recently introduced Awfis@Home to provide the physical infrastructure, connectivity and collaboration tools, everything that's required to operate seamlessly within the boundaries of one's home or a non-office location."



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