Pankaj Gauba head, Digital Manufacturing - India, ASEAN & ANZ at Autodesk
Pankaj Gauba head, Digital Manufacturing - India, ASEAN & ANZ at Autodesk

Autodesk organises the fifth consecutive Moldflow Summit 2019 in Pune

A global leader in 3D design technology, Autodesk, hosted the Summit at Conrad Hotel in Pune on May 28th

Autodesk’s Moldflow Summit 2019 saw participation from around 350 professionals in the manufacturing, automotive and plastic engineering industries and marquee Autodesk customers such as Tata Motors, Tata Technologies, Mahindra & Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, Whirlpool, LG, IFB, Schneider Electric, DuPont, Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), among others. The event showcased the success stories of some customers along with Moldflow in the fourth industrial revolution, highlighting key features and the relevant research and development.

In his keynote address, Mike Malkin, senior director, Global Sales - Autodesk Inc., discussed how automation will enable people to do more with less – to fully utilise limited time and resources to produce results that lessen the negative impact on the environment. Autodesk is already aligned with these new paradigms. It is doing so by leveraging the power of Cloud and Digital to enable better planning, improved design and greater productivity. He further spoke about Autodesk enabling the uptake of new-age concepts like generative design in the automotive and manufacturing sector.

A key highlight at the event this year was an interactive session on generative design in action, one of the latest innovations from Autodesk for Indian customers. This session was presented by Mark Hennebicque, simulation business line manager, Autodesk Inc. Generative design mimics nature’s approach to design and permits users to create highly optimised designs that meet predetermined goals and constraints. Machine-learning algorithms in computers detect patterns inherent in millions of 3D models and generate taxonomies and thousands of design options, sans human intervention.  With the computer working in a lifelike manner to solve problems, designers can focus on the intention of their concept while the computers use all the options in their arsenal to help provide the best solution.

Global automaker General Motors - Autodesk’s customer, took a big leap forward in automotive design to imagine a future of lighter, more efficient and customisable cars. Using generative design powered by artificial intelligence and cloud computing, GM explored arrays of design solutions for parts and components of vehicles. With additive manufacturing, the company is affordably and efficiently making complex parts and unique components to customise vehicles. Together, these technologies are helping GM deliver better performance and more options than ever to customers.

Moldflow Summit is an opportunity for professionals in the plastics, injection molding or mold tool and die industry to learn the latest techniques and trends for plastic design and manufacturing. In 2019 itself, the firm has added a Power Track for Autodesk PowerMill & PowerShape users looking to improve their CNC precision machining. This conference provides an excellent forum for professionals and enthusiasts seeking an introduction to the field of plastic simulation and machining.



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