The Artistic Memoria Collection from VitrA - an open shelf unit of Memoria Black and wide full extension drawers provide ease of use and ample storage space.
The Artistic Memoria Collection from VitrA - an open shelf unit of Memoria Black and wide full extension drawers provide ease of use and ample storage space.

Industry experts throw light on important facets of bathroom design

Read how ventilation and accessories impact this space, and how an old bathroom can be 'refreshed'

What role does ventilation play in a contemporary bathroom?
Gaurav Malhotra:
The appropriate sized ventilation system will firstly help vent out excessive moisture from the bathroom, saving the structure and any trip or electric hazards that can occur due to wet surfaces. It also helps evaporate poor quality gases and allows fresh air to circulate freely. Lastly, ventilation acts as a channel of extra light into the bathroom.

Gaurav Malhotra.

Rahul Kher: Ventilation impacts the comfort levels of the user and offers an energy-efficient approach to maintaining an optimal microclimate. It’s very important to design a ventilation solution – either axial window, wall installation or in-line ceiling, which is now very popular.

Serhan Ates Yagiz: Ventilation is crucial in a wet room like the bathroom. It is also a tricky task which needs good planning: choosing the right fan, the right position for its installation and dealing with the electrical wiring. Poor ventilation can leave your bathroom damp, mouldy and can even harm your health. Continual airflow can also prevent both the decay of any wooden trim or fixtures and the saturation of building insulation.

Rahul Kher.

Vikas Pandita: Ventilation, as always, plays a big role in bathrooms. A smart designer will come up with unique ways of getting the ventilation done in a way where it isn’t an eyesore or isn’t as obvious in the overall bathroom schematics.
Sandeep Shukla: One of the most important features of a contemporary bathroom is hygiene. Ventilation plays a unique role in maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the bath space. The vent should be routed to expel moisture all the way to the outside of the home.

KE Ranganathan: Bathroom ventilation is very essential for good health and contents of the house. For proper ventilation, windows and doors must be placed opposite each other. Windows provide natural ventilation, preventing moisture build-up – which can eventually lead to mould and damp problems, while also providing natural light, therefore reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Serhan Ates Yagiz.

In the case of an old bathroom, how can one make it look and feel contemporary with minimum breakage?
Malhotra: We always recommend customers to use iBox Universal while constructing the bathroom. It’s a one-time investment. iBox Universal is a basic set installed once and for all in the bathroom wall during plumbing. This way, whenever you plan a bathroom, you just need to change the old product range with the latest one. There’s no excessive breakage involved.

Kher: As a thumb rule, refreshing a bathroom involves: replacing the shower and the faucet, which can be done without breaking tiles; accessorising, which should be done by maintaining the design to ensure harmony; installing a light mirror, which can add a unique statement feature to the bathroom; and getting the ‘ceramics’ replaced with wall-hung WC and counter-top washbasins. One can add a bit of colour through ceramics for that element of excitement.

Vikas Pandita.

Yagiz: VitrA offers ready solutions like Ready Vanity in different shapes and sizes, and solves the problem of installation since it can be pre-assembled. The WCs have only one standard mounting detail that is applicable for all design series. Concealed cisterns are easy to mount and connect. VitrA’s exposed bath shower mixers can be installed in the existing pipeline without disturbing the existing plumbing line. 

Pandita: Updating the fixtures in terms of finishes, adding light fixtures, introducing colour by way of wall art, and updating accessories in terms of design can change the overall look of a bathroom. The elements that can add an edge of style are beautiful faucets, innovative showers and decorative lights.

Ranganathan: If you don’t want to give your bathroom a complete overhaul, changing the faucets is a quick and easy way to add a touch of luxury. From contemporary to vintage, faucets come in a vast range of styles and colours with energy- and water-saving features.

Sandeep Shukla.

What role do accessories play in a smart bathroom?
Malhotra: Smart bathrooms aren’t limited to digital fittings; how ergonomic and functional they are, also count. Accessories can impact the overall appearance of the bathroom. By combining the accessories, unique solutions can be created. For instance, bars inside the shower function as a support for other accessories and serve as towel bars outside the shower.

Kher: Accessories always make a bathroom complete in terms of functionality. The role accessories play is far higher than most of the interior designers think – and that’s the reason why bathrooms in India are always under accessorised. Accessories play different roles for different bath spaces.

Yagiz: Bathroom accessories give you a definite feeling of accomplishment and deliver the look of prestige and glamour. They make the space look perfect and make it one of the most comfortable rooms in the whole house. Safety is one of the most important characteristics to be considered while investing in bathroom accessories. It also helps in conserving energy.

Shukla: Bath fixtures have moved on from just being utilitarian to turning into complete style statements in themselves. Hi-tech bath fixtures can enhance the overall design of a bathroom.

KE Ranganathan.

Pandita: Ergonomically-designed accessories placed at convenient and visible locations are important in a smart bathroom. Accessories add a fine touch of elegance to a bathroom. Further, the trend is also seen in the growing demand of accessories in colours that match the shower sets.

Ranganathan: A bathroom attains magnificence when it is accessorised with elements of elegance and function. Accessories give a bathroom the final touches that it needs in order to become a luxurious, stress-relieving place. They can also become that unique element that reveals the user’s personality. Quirky accessories are trending in the bath fixture category, giving bathrooms a stylish yet creative look that lasts longer than just a season.

Gaurav Malhotra, MD, Hansgrohe India
Rahul Kher, MD, Zalur Lifestyle
Serhan Ates Yagiz, India country manager, VitrA
Vikas Pandita, product manager - Sanitary, Häfele
Sandeep Shukla, head - Marketing, Jaquar Group
KE Ranganathan, MD, Roca Bathroom Products Pvt Ltd



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