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World Architecture Travel (WAT) announces self-driven tour to New Zealand

WAT, a unique travel portal that explores architecture and culture, is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF)

World Architecture Travel (WAT), a global network for guided architectural tours, has announced a unique tour to the multicultural and cosmopolitan city of Auckland, New Zealand. A self-driven WAT Connect intends to take participants on a quality holiday, traversing through the glaciers of New Zealand, The Hobitton movie set, Whakarewarewa and transcending through the mouth of River Hokitika.

From soaring high above the city of Auckland on a paraglide to riding on a ferry between the North and South Island, WAT aspires to give the best experiences by encompassing the best locations in New Zealand, making the trip one of adventure, zeal and ensuring a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Curated by experts, WAT Connect intends to link all the unique destinations of New Zealand, which include the North Island of New Zealand, Queenstown Bay on Lake Wakatipu, the Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand, and Milford Sound to the Sky tower of Auckland.

A 12-day trip covering 2800km promoting the essence of a self-driven tour, in and around the charming countryside of New Zealand, will evoke adventure, passion and solitude, culminating in the best destinations of the country.

The tour is curated and hosted by members in the field of tour planning and travel. WAT connect is designed as a foundation for future initiatives and collaboration,s inviting like-minded people to share experiences and tours together.

About World Architecture Travel (WAT):

World Architecture Travel (WAT), a unique travel portal that explores architecture and culture, is supported by The World Architecture Festival (WAF) - the annual festival and awards ceremony for the architecture industry dedicated to celebrating and sharing architectural excellence from across the globe. WAT supported by WAF has inked a strategic brand alliance to offer a host of benefits to architectural travellers. WAT reaches out to individuals with a passion for architecture, urban design and culture, travels to places of modern architecture, unexplored places, and offers the experience of a well-planned tour of contemporary architecture. City walks, culture trails and academic discussions are organised with a team of experienced architects, historians, and academicians.  Their passionate teams of planners bind local architecture, building culture, current architecture developments, and urban design as part of the travel experience.



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