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Minimalistic is the ‘new bold’ in décor, says HomeLane

Basob Majumdar, VP-Design, HomeLane, suggests ways to make minimalism work for home interiors

Trends may come and trends may go, but there are some trends that linger on! Minimalism is one of them. This elegant, clean and refreshing trend can never go out of style. If you’re someone who believes in simplicity and in living a clutter-free life, then you should definitely consider going the minimalistic way.

Here’s how to make a start, says Basob Majumdar, VP-Design of HomeLane...

Throw away the clutter
You may not realise it, but the more clutter you have around, the more stressful your life would be. To go minimalistic, throw away all the stuff that you don’t need. You could take a little help from Marie Kondo here! By pairing your belongings down to the basics and keeping things as simple as possible, you can embrace the minimalistic look.

Tone down your colour palette
Too many colours in a room can look too busy. A minimalistic palette requires you to work with a toned-down colour theme, to bring harmony and balance to your [built] spaces. While a single colour palette can be boring if it’s not handled with care, you can try using different textures and finishes to add interest to a monochromatic theme. You can also use a blend of colours that work well together - such as greys and blues, or black and white.

Strike the right balance
In the case of minimalistic décor, it’s important to get the right balance and proportion in each space. There should be fewer elements that are distracting or competing with each other for attention. One easy way of achieving this is to assign a focal point and to have balanced elements on either side, without cluttering up the space with too much. The room does not have to be perfectly symmetrical to achieve balance; but it’s important that one half should not be too much heavier than the other.

Empty spaces
The concept of empty spaces or negative spaces is very important to achieve minimalism. Walls should not be cluttered, and windows can be left bare. Empty spaces tend to give a more clean, fresh energy to any space. They bring the rest of the elements, such as essential pieces of furniture, into sharper focus and help to highlight pieces of art. Negative spaces allow the elements you are choosing to do all the talking.

It’s no secret that your home décor can drastically affect your mood, and going minimalistic can help you to lead a calmer, more relaxed and organised life. Try it…we assure you that you won’t regret it!



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