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Is the decor of kids' rooms important?

Yes, says Gita Ramanan, CEO & co-founder, Design Cafe... before elaborating on the impact of decor on the overall development of a child's personality and how parents and designers can help children transition smoothly from childhood to adulthood.

The most personal space that children are provided with during their formative years is their bedroom. Especially for young adults within the age group of 7-13, this transitional phase from childhood to adulthood is known to hold paramount importance in their intellectual, emotional and mental development. In such a scenario, a well-planned room goes a long way in raising their self-esteem and overall morale as well as in creating a sense of belonging. Moreover, this is also the period during which their imagination reaches its peak. So, it is imperative to understand that such decisions play a significant role in the enhancement of their abilities.

As industry experts, our primary goal is to understand the importance of a thoughtfully-designed room and the impact it has on the overall development of a child’s personality. These learnings are captured in the points below -

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• They matter
While renovating a house, active participation from children in the planning phase reiterates the fact that their voices, opinions and choices matter. This gives them a sense of belonging, and they feel like an integral part of the family. Also, it is okay to experiment with their rooms and consider their quirky, out-of-the-box ideas. These ideas, in most cases, have immense hidden potential - which, as parents or experts, we may fail to recognise. The amount of support children can derive from this is largely understated.

• Helps them accept their changing personalities
In young adults, metacognition and adolescent egocentrism are the common emerging skills/qualities. Understanding their state of mind, without being overtly critical, can act as a catalyst for parents to have active conversations with their children regarding their thoughts, dreams and ambitions.

• Curated designs help children to be more responsible, organised and self-sufficient
Well-thought-out designs, created with the help of active consultation with the children, helps in inculcating core values such as responsibility, organisation and self-sufficiency. They understand that the room is their own personal space and that it’s made as per their likes and dislikes, which gives them the onus of taking care of their room. This helps them become self-sufficient and responsible at the same time.

• Makes their personal spaces more memorable and enjoyable
A room that has been designed with their involvement turns out to be more memorable and enjoyable in the long run. Rooms with enough free spaces helps kids play with their friends or carry out activities without any second thoughts. This is done by designing wardrobes and beds in a way that ensures optimum utilisation of space. Pull-out desks, life-size wardrobes, drawers on the outside, trundle beds and bunk beds are a few ways in which this is ensured. Moreover, experimenting with bright colours or neutral spaces with pops of colour help in breaking away from the usual stereotypes and broadens their thought process.

• Provides an impetus to learning
Playing gives children, a chance to practice what they are learning. A fun and interactive personal space for children would help develop their ability to grasp and learn new things. It has been noticed that a well-thought-out decorated room, keeping in mind their aspirations, helps in the overall development by provoking conversations between parents and their children.

If you are convinced about the importance of decor, you could help bring in the change that would help increase a child’s vision, foster responsibility and inculcate positive values into their day-to-day life by gifting them a thoughtfully-designed room.



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