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Revamp your home for the new decade with Script

Nagabhushan Hedge, head of Design, Script, Godrej & Boyce, recommends his top four picks for home makeovers this 2020

New Year comes packed with surprises and fresh starts with resolutions to better ourselves but have you thought about your home décor? Is it restrictive? Does it match with your social needs or style? This year, along with all the other resolution, it's time to make some resolutions for your home too, a space that needs your attention. Give it the makeover it needs, let it reflect your personality and ease your lifestyle with the “freedom of living”. Script by Godrej & Boyce has put together 2020 resolutions devoted to getting – and keeping – every corner looking great all year long. 

Kick-start 2020 Work-Life the Millennial Way with Lagoon Single bed

Lagoon Bed is made of millennial dreams. In an age where things need to be done smartly, efficiently and in an organized manner, your furniture should complement your lifestyle. Get all this and more with this multi-functional bed. Gift yourself comfort and a whole lotta’ fun binge watching for hours on end and get those resolutions up and running!

Comfort comes easy when resting in the Cocoon Sofa 

Minimalist design makes life simple, clutter free and creates a breathe-easy feel to your home. However, minimalism is more than just a design style. Fewer items to take care of translates into to more time to do what you enjoy. Make your 2020 resolution to take a break often with the Cocoon Sofa. Make every day a spa day with this piece that exudes so much care!

Let’s catch up with Spruce Dining Table

One of your new year’s resolutions should be to take better care of yourself. You need to relax and refresh. But, it’s not necessary to go to a luxury hotel to experience this. Sometimes spending time with your loved ones over a meal can do the job. Spruce Dining table makes perfect sense when you want to invite your friends over and just chill and it takes less space in your room as it’s just another smart furniture by Script which enhances the freedom of living.

Make it Easy with Dome Easy Chair 

Start the New Year off on a cushy note with the Dome Easy Chair. A perfect amalgamation of elegance and aesthetics, this chair will liven up your living space by its sheer presence, a perfect to kick-start the new year!



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