Flamant's five new shades for 2020.
Flamant's five new shades for 2020.

5 new shades for 2020

The colour chart represents Flamant’s true nature: warm, friendly and energising

The paints are a reflection of the brand's world: traditional with airs of discreet luxury and intimate charm. The colours range from gentle nuances to bolder contrasts, and are created with rigour and precision by Tollens, complemented each year by new on-trend colours.

Featuring vegetal, earthy, marine and sandy shades, the colours in the colour chart promise a stylish and unique ambiance.

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These five new shades aim to enrich and update the palette in 2020. Infused, as ever, with the inimitable Flamant signature style, they take their inspiration from the many sources that surround us.

Cadillac: This subdued powdery pink will imbue the room with a gentle, romantic and young atmosphere. It evokes tenderness and happiness, and invites us to see life through rose-tinted glasses.

Vallauris: This terracotta shade is reminiscent of the clay we use to make pottery. It makes a clear statement and adds warmth to your interiors.
Arpège: This melodious pairing of green tinged with blue pays tribute to the plant world. This supremely harmonious nuance creates a mellow, velvety backdrop.                

Central Court: A deep, natural green which evokes the lawns of the prestigious tournament, Wimbledon. It is synonymous with the invigorating and stimulating properties of nature.

Altitude: As white as snow, this is the most dazzling shade in the Flamant palette. Both radiant and gentle, it represents the brand's symbols: luxury and simplicity.



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