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Rahul Chopra, CEO, Boards & Panels, Everest Industries, highlights the latest trends in building products

Everest Industries has recently rebranded itself. Tell us more about this.
For many years, we were in the space of building products targeted towards industrial customers. However, in recent years, we have started focusing on new-age, lightweight, environmentally-friendly building products, many of which are very aesthetical in nature. These new-age products can provide high-end interiors and exteriors, which don’t harm the environment in any way.
Typically, you have a water shortage and construction stops. If you have pollution in Delhi, construction is put on standstill. Due to any shortage of raw materials – essentially, sand, bricks and aggregate – construction stops. That is not the case with these products, which are factory made, pre-fabricated building products, making them very easy to use and install. And they give you the advantage of high-end interiors and high-end interior finishes.
That is why we decided that we will reposition ourselves and, as a result, we have a new brand identity, which takes us into the modern times without losing the basic functionality that is required when it comes to building products. These building products are extremely durable, fire-, termite- and moisture-resistant, in addition to providing an aesthetical orientation. We find a lot of the high-end hotels, restaurants, commercial complexes, hospitals and residences are starting to use this product.
We thought that we need to propagate and promote this new identity and new imagery of Everest among architects and interior designers. And therefore, we felt that the recently held Women in Design 2020+ Conference & Exhibition would be an extremely good platform to do that. Especially given that fact that women designers have a much higher sense of aesthetics, we were keen on introducing this product range to them. Most importantly, our team was present to sensitise themselves to the requirements of the design fraternity and understand what the customer really requires and how we should then provide them with the right solutions.

Could you elaborate on this new product range in terms of its applications?
Our product offers a wide range of applications, and designs that you can create on its surface. We are today entering the space of reimagining, and judging by the feedback from architects and designers, this is a very versatile building product since it helps you reimagine the spaces you create by using it. People have used it in ways so as to create a magical space out of it, whether it is carrying out digital printing or carving or some kind of CNC cutting on these boards. Even we could never have imagined just how versatile the product could be, besides being a durable and sustainable option. In the past, we were always focused on the very functional aspects of the product, but over the past six months or so, we have begun to focus on the aesthetics and other benefits that this product can bring about.
With our products, by using certain kinds of cavity fasteners, you can have a point load of up to 40-45 kgs. Also, there is the cost and project duration factor. For example, our wall solution is four times faster than putting up a conventional brick wall, which is responsible for the use of excessive water, creating an unnecessary mess, and generating debris, raising concerns about waste disposal. With our building product, these problems get eliminated. You can virtually create a room and have it ready for use in a day’s time.

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What are the trending technologies in building solutions that designers should take notice of?
Our range of building products is basically broken up into the boards and the panels business, within which there are three broad categories. We have the Standard range or the Everest board range, which is used as a base material, with wallpaper or paint or a photograph placed over it. The second is the Rapid range, which actually enables you to construct much faster than what has traditionally been possible.
And recently, we have come out with a range of products called the Arterange. These finished products are artistic in nature, allowing designers to play around with them. Under this, we have the Artewood series, which is in the plank form; and the Artestone series, which consists of cement boards with different stone finishes. Artewood is a cement wooden plank with a high quality coating on it to give you the look and appearance of timber, but without the problems of wood. This means it is not affected by moisture or fire, rotting or termites. It also has the functionality and the longevity of cement. On the other hand, the Artestone products are factory-made, natural looking, and lightweight, so they don’t necessarily consume a lot of steel or structural elements, and are extremely easy to install. These products have been used worldwide and were recently launched in the Indian market.



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