GYMSKOOK, Rishabh Sarpal Atelier.
GYMSKOOK, Rishabh Sarpal Atelier.

Four ‘Repair Décor’ you should try soon

Rishabh Sarpal, founder of Rishabh Sarpal Atelier, shares how four unused objects can upscale your home decor

From organising the interior to getting rid of clutter, decorating the home by repairing old items leads to a beautiful place to live. With the increasing focus on sustainability, people are willing to utilise old or extra items in their house to create an interior with lots of zing. Designers too are taking an active part in reducing waste, and shifting to reusable materials. Look for pieces in good condition or items with great bones which can be mended to a sterling element.

Suitcase as room furniture
Surviving wear and tear of travel, a DIY suitcase restoration serves as a memory of longevity. Transform the stack of an old suitcase into a perfect accessory by painting a shabby yet a chic coat of white and placing an add-on at the top - and a vintage side table is ready!

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Baskets for décor
They are perfect for storage of laundry, toys, newspaper and magazines or any other items. A typical plain wall can be given a lovely new vibe with baskets. It can also become a wall-mount shelf using a wooden board placed in between it.

Whimsical wind chimes with old keys
Rather than buying, craft a rustic chime mingling the old keys that invite a soft ambient and melodious sound in the home. Imagine sitting on the sofa, enjoying reading a book and a gentle breeze sweeps over accompanied by the soft tinkle of chimes, isn’t it alluring?

Wall hooks and handles from old spoons
There are several ways to embrace the repair décor, and one of them is to turn old spoons into wall hooks and handles. Bending the cutlery to form a slight U-shape hook, or place it on the wall or replace the cupboard handles with it.



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