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Managing building assets of the future with technology

Dinesh Wadehra, MD of Property and Asset Management, JLL, shares how smart and sustainable goals are shaping building operations

Globally technology has emerged as a real disruptor in terms of how building assets are being built and managed. Along with technology came increased digitization in the workspace revolving around how smart the buildings are and what they offer in terms of real time needs for the occupants/tenants. With this came the shift in perception from location as the traditional driving factor for asset development to digitization.

With diverse stakeholders invested in the development and management of assets, the concerns of all stakeholders emerged as: sustainable returns for owners/investors; efficient, cost-effective operations for asset managers; and personalized and comfortable spaces for occupants that enhance productivity.

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In order for these needs to be met, I believe that the assets of the future will be increasingly personalised by:

Transformative Customer Experience
Smart infrastructure, sensors, RFID, and Internet of Things (IoT) based systems guide drivers to free spaces, obliterating the time wasted in looking for an empty parking space. Tablet-based visitor registration and management platforms facilitate a hassle-free entry through biometrics. Buildings employing interactive robots as concierges, though not a commonplace for now, are gaining traction to enhance the customer’s experience.

Enhance Asset Management Operations
The amalgamation of various technology platforms not only provides real time data to asset managers but also detects, reports, and builds in solutions to performance-based issues even before they occur. It is transforming operations from the traditional “preventive maintenance” to “predictive maintenance” mode that anticipates failures, takes corrective actions in time, and optimizes scheduled maintenance. Live monitoring through a connected platform empowers fine tuning of buildings services, reduction in costs, and mitigation of risks across geographical sites like in a hub. Through a centralized high-end command centre and skeletal manpower at various sites, prompt actions can be initiated through underlying control systems and standardized operating procedures.



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