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How energy field balancing can promote optimum health and improve productivity

Architect Dr Rohit Ganatra gives his insights on the subject

Energy field balancing has its roots and inspiration in Vastu Shastra, architecture and science. It is essentially a process of harmonising and balancing geo-, cosmic- and bio-energies for a person and premises to promote optimum health and improve productivity by eliminating natural/ artificial factors causing disharmony.

Our perceptions and interactions with the environment and each other are based on heat, sound and electromagnetic forces in a waveform at frequencies invisible to the naked eye. They need to be in sync so that the body's circadian cycle and bio-rhythm function optimally, without which chronic health issues arise indicating an imbalance in the energy field.

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Energy field includes analysing and correcting bio-rhythms, astral effects, existing lifestyle, food, shelter and the macro/ micro environment. When one depends only on Vastu Shastra and excludes any of the above factors, it is non-beneficial because Vastu Shastra is a science based on principles, technology and materials that worked in that day and age – not today, where the industrial revolution has led to varied innovations and technologies.

Geomagnetic, cosmic, magnetic, electromagnetic, thermic and non-thermic radiations that are present everywhere – from homes and offices to airports and educational institutions – have radiations of up to 30-45 milligauss of magnetic fields, something that requires more than just Vastu Shastra, which only dealt with geomagnetic and cosmic radiations up to 3 milligauss. Human bodies are not designed to handle electromagnetic modulated waves and frequencies in higher strengths for a longer time. They start reacting to stresses caused by these higher radiations, giving rise to varied acute and chronic diseases and loss of productivity.

R&D for integration of medical sciences, nuclear & space physics, astronomy, architecture and engineering is required to make architectural projects more meaningful, i.e. experience wellness, architectural & environmental mitigation of electro smog. Energy field balancing thus mitigates all ambient radiations, geopathic underground gases, water currents and geopathic stress factors – as confirmed with before and after images captured on software that reveal invisible changes in radiation with ionic clouds and vast improvement of occupants’ physical, mental and financial health.

This science of energy field balancing has worked beautifully not just on humans, but also in agricultural farms – where productivity and yield of produce vastly improved in quantity & quality, and this has even led to better interpersonal relationships and productivity improvements at industrial / commercial factory sites to the extent of 25%.

The accompanying images showcase effects of energy field balancing that show changes that are beyond the visible light spectrum of 300 to 700 nanometers, i.e. on IR & UV range indicating ionic changes pre- and post-treatment.

In contemporary times, while it is impossible to live without electricity/ electronics, it is not impossible to create truly green, smart and sustainable buildings that take into account every factor for an occupants’ overall comfort, leading to ‘wellness felt and experienced’. This is a vast topic, starting with the identification of radiation sources, modalities and imbalances, and correcting cosmic radiations, and requires individual case evaluations to find a truly workable solution.

Each case has a variety of factors that need to be evaluated, but the one thing common to each case is the fact that everyone wants to lead a productive, happy, healthy and prosperous life, and the newer science of energy field balancing does exactly that with the fusion of Vastu Shastra and building biology. The inclusion of this system is essential in architecture & interior design education for practical usage at urban, semi-urban and rural levels. With my case studies covering a spectrum of positive changes for my clients, I can confidently say that this science is here to stay.



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