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Spring-Summer trends of 2020

A-Class Surfaces International predicts three design trends that will define 2020

A well-designed space can make a small studio apartment stand out and improve the aesthetics of the place. Enhancing the decor of any space is an arduous process and if not done properly, can significantly hamper the functionality and efficiency of the space. A-Class Surfaces International has identified and outlined themes which will be in trend across the spring-summer of 2020.

Contrasting Pairings
The new year of this decade is a time to be a bit more daring with your homes and instil a unique personality in your space. It is promising up to be a year that showcases abstract personalities and shades of colour across flooring, ceilings and furnishings.

Textured Walls
Colours and abstract texture will make a comeback this season, with colourful visual appeal combined with unique surface textures distinguishing the walls from the entire space.

Neutral Tones
Abstract colours are set to leave a lasting impression this season although, neutral colour tones combined with a velvet texture of furnishings will provide an elegant feel to the entire space.



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