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Minnie Bhatt tells you how to make your home more comfortable

The ace interior designer offers tips and tricks for comfort in home design

Through my journey in designing a lot of residences, one thing I’ve learnt is that the most important thing in a home is comfort.

In these difficult times, when we are locked into our homes, it’s all the more essential to have a restful and comforting mood at home.
A few things that one can do to help their comfort at home are:
1. Bring out the fragrant essential oils and use them with a diffuser to spread a relaxing scent in the home.
2. If there are area rugs and cushions preserved for special occasions, they can be brought out and used in the living room and bedrooms to lend a softened appeal to the space.

3.  A few of the plants which are kept on the deck or verandah can be brought into the house and placed in corners that are conducive for them, as they will add a lot of freshness and life into the space.
4. Mood lighting and indirect lights like table lamps, wall sconces, etc. can be used instead of bright spot lights to lend softness and warmth to a space.
5. Bring out the bed linen that is most comfortable to use and add lots of cushions.
6. Make the bathroom more ambient by adding a small plant by the window, a fragrance diffuser or aroma candles.
With these simple things, you can enhance the comfort of your home during the lockdown.

Minnie Bhatt



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