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The journey of an artist explained through art

Architect, artist and musician Nimit Shah talks about “duality and the search for balance” in art and design

In art, there exist two opposing forces working in synergy, one of which is disciplined, skilled and practiced, and the other where art almost becomes an entity which is alive, untamed, evolving and restless, with infinite faces and an inexhaustible capacity to transform.

Creation can only occur when fluid imagination and abstract thought is tethered to reality through the decisive perceivable and tangible. Art and design could be thought of as a search for balance. Beauty is relative. I feel that maybe universal beauty only exists in nature. In the manmade realm (civilisation), entities which I find most beautiful, aspire to be the balanced assimilation of dualities such as Sublime + Intricate, Tangible(details) + Imaginary(dreams), Emotion(heart) + Intellect(mind), Beauty + Purpose, Past + Future, and Personal + Universal Image(perception and form) + Language(thought and meaning).

The duality of ‘art + science’ encapsulates the evolution of technology, architecture and design. In my creative process, I try to find balance in dualities of ‘natural + artificial’ and ‘analogue + digital’. I see art as a reaction to stimulus. By stimulus I mean experiences which inspire. Experience of a moment as a sentient has two aspects, one of which is tangible (physical) which we experience through our sensory organs, and the other which is psychological such as thoughts, associations, emotion and meaning. Experience is a constant simultaneous synergy of this duality of perception and thought. In the tangible domain of experience, what inspires me most is being in nature. The sensation of wind and sun on the skin, walking in sand barefoot, the music in birdsong, the smell of wet earth, visions of forests, mountains, oceans and life.

In the psychological domain what inspires me most is music. I love how music, through its sound and stories, perfectly captures the essence of a moment, the way it encapsulates a feeling, emotion and state of mind. As a result, both these subjects, music and nature, naturally influence what I create (at times, directly as subject matter in paintings or sculpture). I wish to assimilate the psychological beauty of music with the physical and tangible beauty of nature in Art.

Animals: Evolution-phase 3(A)
This depiction of a mammoth marks the transition of the aesthetic/visual idea characterized by volumetric play with perspective and colour from the digital to the analogue medium of acrylic on canvas ,exploring impressions of animals as subjects. In these depictions, I was searching for the balance of formal play and adherence to anatomy in an attempt to achieve the immaculate.

Sculpture: Evolution-phase 4(C)
In the anatomical study of a horse, the aesthetic of sharp angular volumes evolved into a refined form in an attempt to capture the grace and strength the creature radiates through its proportions. ‘The Bird’ is not based on the depiction of a specific species but rather follows the impulse for formal exploration with an added power in it’s visual impact owing to it’s adherence to the scale of a bird in reality. These sculptures were assembled with wood cut by hand

Lighting Concepts
Kirigami: My affinity for volumetric explorations inspired by architectural forms and symmetry collided as I discovered the Japanese art form of Kirigami. It is defined as the art of creating shapes with paper via precise cuts and folds. Exploration of this idea led to the resolution of a plywood based lighting concept for wall corners.

Tree light: Tree light is a symmetrical wood based lighting concept inspired by the form of tree branches resolved via carpentry techniques developed through my explorations in sculpture.



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