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A tour de homme in lockdown!

Principal architect of AND Studio, Love Chaudhary, explains how good design can help in navigating the work from home routine

Organisations around the world are requesting individuals to work from home with an end goal to diminish the effects of COVID-19 spread. However, while Work From Home(WFH) sounds extraordinary in principle, with the entirety of the private sector rehearsing it, there is no space for an alternative. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean the whole procedure must be dull and tedious. AND Studio gives the necessary edge to this trend with their bespoke and wonderful residences. Sitting at one place in one position can hamper productivity and hence it is recommended to find apt corners in the periphery of one’s home. This will not only relax the mind but also play as a catalyst to come up with new ideas. Tempt your brain with their scope of spaces that are stylishly satisfying for WFH to be done.

This living room designed by AND Studio is brilliant, plain, delicate, and inviting. It is the perfect blend of comfort with the provision of sitting upright and waging through online cooperation or undertaking board programming. The room is the quintessential blend of solace and imagination where one can complete tasks sitting in comfort. Working from home can induce unforeseen stresses, but it also has its own pros. One can listen to music, cuddle their pet to relieve stress, and get additional sleep. And if necessary, a second monitor for one’s computer, it might be the perfect excuse to upgrade the living room.

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Technically the best alternative, working at the table could bring about maximum efficiency support. Ergonomically sound, it is the best way to get daily tasks done and meet deadlines. The space is fully equipped with a requirement for laptop or tablet, even a headset with microphone for making calls or remote presentations. This by itself makes it a perfect space for delivering efficient, focussed and centred work.

In small properties or homes where everybody is self-isolated, AND Studio’s bedroom may appear to be a shrewd area for some work. Simply get the laptop and grab a place to sit at this bed. The bed ought to be sufficiently large enough to provide you all the required working space. Times are hard for everyone and one might feel stiff and sour while working, switching to the bedroom might give some quick and much needed relief.



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