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Humanscale launches campaign to help remote workers stay healthy

The ergonomics specialist is offering online ergonomic consultations + Work From Home workstation

In recent weeks the lockdown and social distancing in India has seen thousands of employees set up an office in their very own homes. In fact, according to many reports, COVID-19 pandemic could lead to Work From Home (WFH) becoming a regular thing. However, there is a downside to it. With remote working on the rise, more and more employees are experiencing pain and discomfort due to poor workstation setup at their homes. Working from the bed/sofa/dining chair at home, however appealing it could be, might do permanent harm to your posture and productivity.

The first step for every home office is to set up a standard permanent workstation with a good ergonomic chair. Humanscale, the leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic office tools, has launched a campaign in India to offer online ergonomic consultations + WFH workstation to support workers. This campaign, targeted at employees who are looking at a happier, healthier and more productive place to work while at home, is being organised by Bengaluru based S Cube Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd., the exclusive India distribution partner of Humanscale.

As most home offices are not ergonomically optimised, Humanscale's team of board-certified ergonomists are providing online ergonomic consultations. ergoIQ LIVE helps professionals ensure their home offices are healthy and comfortable with direct assistance from certified professional ergonomists. Virtual consultations with ergoIQ LIVE will help professionals optimise home workspaces in 30 minutes or less at a time that’s convenient for them (same day consultations are available). ergoIQ LIVE is the first-ever online ergonomic consultation tool with automated set-up. Payment for consultations can be done online in INR.

Humanscale also announced the availability of  its WFH workstation consisting of its best in class ergonomic chairs and work tools that provide the comfort that employees deserve most by completely eliminating the most common physical issues like neck stiffness, hunched posture, wrist aching and fatigue. These include the Freedom Chair, Liberty Chair, height adjustable table: Float, QuickStand Eco, monitor arm: M2.1, docking unit: M/Connect 2, laptop holder, articulating keyboard tray, task light: Horizon 2 and Foot Rockers.

“For those living in compact spaces, Humanscale's ergonomic products address the work from home woes,” said Sathish Nandagopal, director, S Cube Ergonomics. “As a special initiative, we are offering a 20% discount on all Humanscale WFH solutions, as well as special programmes for employees of all our current corporate customers.”

“Humanscale has formulated this multi-tiered approach aimed at preserving the health and wellness of the WFH employee population,” said Alastair Stubbs, country manager India, Humanscale. “Our motto is ‘Make Work from Home More Comfortable’. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just adding some accessories, be happy and stay healthy with our ergonomic work tools that suit all your WFH needs, ensuring complete comfort and enhanced productivity.”



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