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Bedroom Lights: Tips and Tricks

Rahul Jalan, founder of LightsAndLiving, offers valuable inputs on creating the perfect lighting ambience

Lighting is a core design element that can make-or-break the decor of a room. It becomes even ten-fold important in the bedroom - a sacred space where most people unwind and get to be themselves after a busy day. Picking the perfect bedroom light is an art that requires careful planning. With so many options available, it can get a little confusing to start.

Rahul Jalan, founder of LightsAndLiving

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Use the art of layering
The trick to getting the right ambiance with bedroom lights is to use layering, a concept where you use the power of all the different types of lights to set a mood.

Types of bedroom lights
There are several types of lights you can mix-and-match, but they generally fall under three categories:

·  Ambient lights are the main source of light, for  eg flush-mount lights or chandeliers.

·  Task lights are used to perform specific activities, like studying and reading, examples include arm lamps and table lamps.

·  Accent lights set the mood of the room and can also be used to draw a person’s gaze to a specific area or an object. Eg. Recessed lighting and taped light.

For the best results, pick a few lighting pieces from each of the mentioned categories to decorate the room. The light fixtures will produce soft glow for relaxation and bright light for a productivity boost.

Tips to consider
Size: Make sure that the selected light fixture goes with the size of the room. Oversized pieces in a small room can make it look cluttered. When picking a chandelier, don’t let it hang too low.

Shade: Lamp shade controls the intensity of lights. If you want a task light for a specific purpose like reading, go with a dark shade. A frosted shade will radiate a softer-intensity light, dispersed over a larger area.

Dimmers: Use dimmers to control the brightness of the light.

Colour: Coloured lights are fun, and even a typical white light comes with different shades. Pick the right one that makes you feel welcomed and relaxed. You can even have a few accent lights that are coloured.



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