Robin Chhabra, Founder & CEO, Dextrus
Robin Chhabra, Founder & CEO, Dextrus

Five small ways to make your home more work-friendly

From different work settings to managing daily chores, Robin Chhabra, founder of Dextrus, shares few ideas on maintaining your sanity during quarantine

COVID-19 hit us like a freight train. Though most companies did scramble to enable their employees to work from home, the workforce was not really ready for it. Staying isolated all the time and not being able to get out can cause problems and stresses which in turn can trigger anxieties. In these times one must remember to stay calm, not take the major decisions of life and try to find the joy in the little things that earlier went unnoticed. Work From Home (WFH) is not easy as it is now combined with a hundred house chores, especially my old foe….cooking! No matter the size, our homes are more than well equipped to help us be efficient at working from home and here are a few things we can do to help enable that.

The elements
Make sure you are sitting in a spot that has enough light and ventilation. For me personally, I need the morning sun when I start work. Helps you wake up and get a little dose of Vitamin D too. As summer approaches every small wisp of wind helps and since most factories are shut the air smells better every day. Don’t miss the sound of the Koyals in the morning, it helps to know others are awake at the same time of dawn as you.

Make your space
For work from home to be effective, one needs to have a so-called office. You do not need a separate room for this, just a desk and chair will do. Have it near a window if possible. It should have your essentials – computer, stationery, office documents etc. It’s a safe space that you go to everyday to work. This gives the day a sense of rhythm and helps with creating a habit. It also lets other members in the family know you are in work mode. If you do not have an office chair, take any chair and make it comfortable with a cushion and remember to walk around every now and then as sitting on non-ergonomic chairs for long periods of time can be bad for the back. One small tip could be to have a signifier on your desk that lets people at home know that this is a time where you cannot be disturbed, for example, some people use a piece of lego or Post Its. So if it is on your desk then your family will know not to disturb you.

Have different spaces
If you are getting tired of the same spot, then move around the house and sit in different corners. Working on coffee tables and sitting on the floor can be a nice change. Choose different corners of the house that you can work out of. Maybe move some furniture around (with the help of your family or house mates) and make new spaces. These changes can help keep the mind agile and fresh which in turn will boost productivity. Don’t forget, different work corners give you different backgrounds for those work video calls!

Clear out one area
Make room for flexibility of use in one area of the home. Usually this works in the main living room where the coffee table is. Make clear space by pushing out the furniture in the center of the room. This allows this space to be flexible in use. You could sit on the ground and meditate, put out a mat and do some workouts, maybe a play space for the kids or perhaps do an indoor picnic with the family!

Home requires care
Most of us also have to add home chores to our list of things to do. It is important to help out at home for it is also your office space at the end of the day. This is useful and can also help our mental health. Doing a quick set up of the home before starting the day can clear the mind. Very importantly communicate with the family of the importance of keeping a clean home and get everyone involved. Having a set time and day(s) to do the house chores together can be a family event. Doing it together is the important bit as it brings us all closer in these difficult times and keeps the arguments away. Keeping those stresses away is important for us to be able to work from home effectively.



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