Indoor unit from the MSY-GRT series by Mitsubishi Electric.
Indoor unit from the MSY-GRT series by Mitsubishi Electric.

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‘We Innovate, We Resonate’ with Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners

Neeraj Gupta, senior general manager, Living Environment Division, Mitsubishi Electric India, offers the latest updates from the HVAC major

In pursuance of ‘Creating your Comfort’, we have touched a mark of 60 years of innovation in our air conditioner series. Our perseverance for efficient solutions and eco-consciousness is focused in providing reliable, high-quality products and contributing towards technology. Mitsubishi Electric has set new benchmarks for the HVAC industry. Being a premium player, we understand comfort in the real sense in the way the world sees it, with factors like noise control, air flow quality and efficiency, which are key factors for a customer who wants to buy the best.

With the invention of the world’s first crossflow fan air conditioner, popularly known as the smaller or lighter air conditioner, to conceiving the idea of spilt air conditioners, we are now able to create a comfortable environment with our wide range of products. We have provided a legacy of technology and a proven benchmark for the HVAC industry.

Neeraj Gupta, senior general manager, Living Environment Division, Mitsubishi Electric India

Mitsubishi Electric has been a prominent player in air conditioner technology in Japan. We have well- defined and sturdy ‘4 Pillars of Durability’ for our air-conditioning products. Since 1954, we have gained 60 years of innovation expertise. These years of existence carry pride, passion and a high standard of craftsmanship; we have been processing our products under ‘Quality Control for the Real World’ through stringent quality checking and attaining a hallmark of MEQ (Mitsubishi Electric Quality). This is a symbol of assurance and quality standards on the Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning product. We are enhancing the life of the products by manufacturing our own key parts like the semi-conductor, motor/ fan and compressor. To ensure less breakdowns and maintain trust, we test our products for harsh conditions, including a saltwater test, flame retardant test, rainfall test and high-voltage test.

We offer a wide product range of room air-conditioners (RAC), packaged air-conditioners (PAC), city multi variable refrigerant flow systems, air curtains and jet towels. Our vision is to help young India in providing a comfortable start to their dreams, to partner in India’s dream to reach the top and become number one in innovations and sustainability. We consistently improve our technologies for changing society needs. In purview of Indian summers, we have launched MSY-GRT series (RAC) and PLY & PEY series (PAC), which has tropical inverter technology and keeps you cool even at 52 degrees of temperature. We, at Mitsubishi Electric, believe in creating a long term association and trust with our customers and dealers through our products & services. Our technologies ensure a better customer experience and enhance living standards through quality & innovation.



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