Arjun Agarwal, CEO, Cinerama.
Arjun Agarwal, CEO, Cinerama.

Make audio a strong part of your interior design

Arjun Agarwal, CEO, Cinerama, tells you how to integrate audio into your space

Every new home being built has some form of audio incorporated, ranging from something as simple as a TV with in-built speakers to a full-blown, dedicated home cinema room with a projector, screen, recliners, and, of course, cinema quality speakers. Over the last few years as interior design trends have moved toward the more minimal, there has been increasing interest in speakers that disappear into the design of a home, with no compromise on the audio experience.

In-wall speakers are great options for minimalist audio designs. Most of these types of speakers are just a few inches deep, and with advances in audio technology rival their floor-standing (but boxy looking) counterparts for sound stage, tonal quality, and image depth. The only component these speakers miss out on is bass, so adding a subwoofer is a must – and subwoofers are also available in the form of in-wall options. In-ceiling speakers use technologies like pivotable or fixed angle drivers to make it appear as though the sound is coming from your TV or screen, and not from overhead. Most in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have grills that are paintable, to match whatever surface they are installed on. Some brands even offer THX certified in-wall and in-ceiling options, which guarantees that the speakers provide cinema quality sound in a home environment.

Sometimes positioning in-wall or in-ceiling speakers can be difficult because of practical constraints such as beams, pipes, or conduits. Pivotable drivers give installers the flexibility of moving the speakers around to accommodate these constraints, as they can then rotate the drivers to point to the listener. Speaker depth is another thing that is sometimes a challenge. To address this, some extremely shallow in-ceiling models are also available, which are just 2” deep, and which can sound as good as deeper speakers (of course, at a heftier price).

Today, speaker brands have woken up to the fact that customers want minimalist-looking audio solutions with zero compromise on audio quality. As a result, no matter what audio solution a person wants in their home, there is a huge range of in-wall and in-ceiling options to choose from to give them exactly what they need.



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