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Artify your space with these easy tips

Aradhana Dalmia, founder, The Artemist, suggests how various kinds of art can be integrated into your interiors

When you add art to interior spaces, it can speak oodles about your personality and add that much needed vibe to your space. One should always enhance their spaces with art that complements their taste, something you discover by looking at different things that further develops your eye. Whether it is a splash of bright colour through an abstract painting or a meditative sculpture in your outdoor terrace garden, each piece collected over time will uplift the mood of the space and elevate your lifestyle.

Let’s talk about a few ideas of adding art in various places, but first we should know of the various types of art out there.

All of us are aware of paintings and sculptures, but within this broad heading lie various mediums such as oil, acrylic, pen and ink, charcoal, water colour, mixed media and so on. Sculptures are also made of different materials such as fibre glass, metal, ceramic, stone, cement etc. Apart from this there are wall-mounted sculptures, murals, installations, photography, etching; one need to figure out which medium of art along with the material attracts you, and which style of art you resonate with. Is it abstract art, semi-abstract, realistic or traditional? What type of art goes with your home décor and does it complement the space you are placing it in?

Let’s talk about how art can be used in various spaces. When we are considering a painting for the formal living room of our home, then that can be sober and sophisticated; whereas a wall-mounted sculpture for the den area can be quirky and fun. The kids’ room can have a beautiful hand-painted wall mural, customised as per the child’s taste, whereas the informal living area can have a personalised family photo collage wall framed and composed differently. Small curious pieces brought from your travels can be added to the shelves and personalised art can make the space feel like home. If you have an outdoor balcony or garden, a beautiful sculpture or artistic ceramic pots can also do the trick of styling the space.

In all of this, the most important is to mix it up and keep looking to collect because art has the power to transform any space!



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